Outsourced Managed Service Procurement provider

Background: This Australian Council engaged ArcBlue as the Managed Service Procurement provider.


Service: Advisory & Change – Procurement Framework, Infrastructure Procurement; Capability Development – Training


ArcBlue has been engaged as the Managed Service Procurement provider to plan and deliver the organisation’s annual Procurement Program, current capital works procurement projects include:

  • A regional road tender
  • Multiple regions roads tender
  • A regional kerb gutter road drainage works tender
  • A regional community hall upgrade tender training
  • A regional hot springs tender
  • A grandstand redevelopment tender
  • Plant hire tender
  • Regional bridges
  • Economic development tender
  • Upgrade box culvert & floodway
  • Animal shelter tender


The scope of the Managed Service Procurement provider agreement includes ArcBlue deepening and establishing the organisation’s procurement framework and technology solution, supported by relevant training including specification writing, probity, procurement essentials and governance training.

Infrastructure Procurement Case Study