The GROW Gippsland Regional Platform

The Regional Procurement Platform pilot aims strengthen the Gippsland economy and create jobs in the region

As part of our work supporting GROW Gippsland, funded by the Latrobe Valley Authority, ArcBlue is working with VendorPanel to pilot a regional procurement platform with multiple buying organisations in the Gippsland region, including government agencies and tier 1 suppliers delivering major infrastructure projects in the region.

The platform will support many GROW Gippsland Compact Members to source locally, and seeks to maximise local spend in the region, stimulating the local economy and creating new jobs for local people. Local suppliers are more visible to buying organisations in Gippsland also, creating more opportunities for work.

Watch the video from VendorPanel below to see how the VendorPanel Marketplace is being used to strengthen the Gippsland economy and create jobs in the region:

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