ArcBlue Open Training Courses

Book now to uplift your skills in a range of procurement, contract management & supply chain topics with our online open training!

We are pleased to offer Open Training courses in a range of Procurement & Contract Management topics to individuals across Asia Pacific! Courses are syndicated so that you can join your peers in online training from across the region.

Please see below our upcoming course listings. Click each listing to go to the secure Eventbrite booking page with further information about course timing and descriptions.

You can see all of our upcoming training courses on Eventbrite here.

Contract Management | 23 – 24 MARCH

Delivered Online | This two-part webinar provides attendees with a practical understanding of the methodologies, theories and techniques used by contract professionals to successfully manage contracts. Gain a solid grounding in international good practice, the importance of strong relationship management and the skills to manage potential risks and plan around contract variations. Click for more information & to book!

Introduction to Procurement | 15 -16 March

Delivered Online | This practical and interactive training course is designed to introduce essential elements of the procurement process together with basic tools and techniques. Workshop delegates will learn of the end-to-end process, how procurement can contribute and when to apply a range of purchasing tools and techniques. Click to find out more & book!

Negotiation Essentials | 9 – 10 March

Delivered Online | Procurement processes are only the beginning of the relationship with important suppliers and the delivery of key projects. This webinar is aimed at participants who are involved in negotiations and need an introduction to the skills and process in commercial negotiation. A series of activities and games bring the examples to life giving learners the chance to practice and hone their skills. Click to find out more & book!

Social & Sustainable Procurement | 22 – 23 February

Delivered Online | This one-day workshop (held across two half-days) covers how to effectively incorporate social objectives and corporate social responsibility into procurement practice, as part of a triple bottom line approach. Click to find out more & book!

Specification Writing | 8 – 9 February

Delivered Online | Specification writing is a critical part of an organisations procurement process as many of the benefits of good procurement can be driven through well designed and thought through specifications. This one-day interactive program (held across two half-days) is designed to develop skills in specification writing and the confidence to apply those skills. Click for more information & to book!