Operating Models & Frameworks

Ensure your procurement function delivers organisational value

Best practice procurement operating models enable business collaboration, talent management and have clear structures and roles.​

ArcBlue Operating Models & Framework Review projects assess various aspects of procurement operations including documentation, tools, templates, policies and frameworks as well as people capability, projects, governance and reporting frameworks.  ​

We aim to simplify operating models and frameworks wherever possible, whilst ensuring good practice, compliance and probity needs are met.​

Our team is experienced in developing a broad range of procurement frameworks aligning to new policy releases or for specific outcomes. See the range of Frameworks we typically work with clients to develop below.

Our experienced team will review, refine and develop your new procurement operating model or framework to simplify, reduce risk and ensure your practices reflect a value-for-money business enabling function.​

We also provide training and implementation services to support the implementation of new initiatives – including leadership, change management expertise and hands-on implementation and guidance material.​

​At ArcBlue, we design Operating Model & Frameworks from the ground up, to be fit-for-purpose and aligned to your business’s requirements.

We see…

Achieving enterprise priorities requires a holistic view of procurement. It’s not just about strategy; it’s about the entire operating model that brings that strategy to life. Our approach is designed to drive value, enhance decision-making, and empower success.​

​We see that effective procurement operating models are:

  • Aligned: We strategically align procurement operating models to business strategy – to ensure procurement initiatives are focused on the areas that will yield the most value over the next 3-5 years
  • Effective: Procurement operating models must be set up to make critical decisions swiftly and effectively
  • Adaptable: In a dynamic market environment, adaptability is key. Operating models need to be built with the flexibility to respond to changes promptly
  • Efficient: Simplicity drives execution. We follow the simplest approach to achieve our strategic priorities within desired cost and profitability parameters
  • People-led: Strong leadership and talent are key components of successful procurement organisations.

Our Approach to Frameworks

We have deep expertise reviewing and designing a range of Framework types. We look across the business to develop a holistic understanding of the procurement function and organisational goals, business stakeholder needs, pain points and challenges. ​

Category Management Frameworks

Take a strategic approach to procurement through the analysis, optimisation and management of your categories. Category Management Frameworks can cover supplier relationship management, cost analysis and performance evaluation.

Supplier Relationship Management Frameworks

Proactively and strategically manage your interactions with your suppliers throughout the procurement lifecycle. Supplier Relationship Management Frameworks cover supplier segmentation, performance measurement, collaboration and risk mitigation.

Contract Management Frameworks

Create a more structured system for governing the creation, execution, and oversight of your contracts. Contract Management Frameworks can cover  contract drafting, negotiation, approval, monitoring and analysis.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Frameworks

Streamline and automate your full procurement process, from requisition and purchasing to invoicing and payment. Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Frameworks encompass requisitioning, vendor selection, purchase order creation, invoice reconciliation and payment processing.

Sustainable Procurement Frameworks

Take a strategic approach to acquiring goods and services, considering environmental, social, and ethical factors throughout your supply chain. Sustainable Procurement Frameworks cover criteria for supplier selection, lifecycle assessments, and continuous monitoring.

Procurement Savings Frameworks

Create a systematic methodology for identifying, quantifying and realising cost reductions and efficiencies in your procurement process. Procurement Savings Frameworks cover strategic sourcing, negotiation tactics, demand management, and ongoing performance measurement.

Accelerate transformation by digitally enabling the framework in the mybuy procurement hub ​

Leading practice procurement and supply chain teams have digitally enabled their frameworks to embed change and make compliance easy. ​

Embed procurement transformation and make your change initiatives ‘sticky’ with the mybuy hub – your connected digital procurement hub.​

The ArcBlue mybuy hub provides a single ‘home’ for all things procurement, giving your stakeholders a simple and effective user experience for your new procurement processes.​

The mybuy hub brings it all together – tools, strategies, processes, learning and analytics. It interfaces with your existing systems to ensure that you can embed procurement change across your whole business.

Need to deliver more efficiency and value through procurement?

ArcBlue has a proven track record in delivering improvements across the end to end procurement and contract management cycle. We work alongside our clients to develop the people, processes, and systems necessary to deliver effective change.

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Supplier Portal Hub Design & Implementation

Wanting to increase engagement with local suppliers, this council partnered with ArcBlue to co-design and implement a Supplier Portal, utilising ArcBlue’s myBuy hub solution.

Strategic Category Management

We were sought to support the university's move from a reactionary administrative function to a strategic category management model and help unlock value from its suppliers.

Sourcing an eProcurement Platform for Government

We worked with a state government department to identify an optimal value-for-money eProcurement solution.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.