Procurement University

Embedding sustainable talent growth through blended learning

‘Procurement University’ is a customised and sustainable approach to learning.

It is a future-focused approach to sustained talent growth using a program of blended learning, tailored to your team’s requirements.

The key objective of Procurement University is to ensure that your organisation’s procurement function is set up for success now and into the future. It ensures that skills are being appropriately developed to take your team from their early career into leadership roles. Considered investment in learning and development is a vital factor in talent attraction and retention.

For learners, the benefits are real – having a structured and measurable baseline of knowledge to inform their learning journey, and a customised program of learning that helps them to achieve their career goals.

Welcome to your Procurement University.

The learning you need, the way you want it. 

Live Sessions

Highly engaging and immersive trainer-led sessions to help learners practice the relevant skills

eLearning Content

Practical and engaging content via our digital platform to provide learners with the fundamentals 

Peer Learning

Peer learning and experience-sharing to reinforce the learning experience

On-the-job Coaching

Reinforced through on-the-job application of learning

How it works


Define the learning program’s scope & design the tailored holistic program.


Our online portal provides a simple & secure place for learners to access learning and track their development.


Understand the baseline of skills and identify development areas to include in your learning program.


Implement Formal Training, Mentoring and Coaching and eLearning to embed learning.


Track your team’s progress through their learning program and reassess after 12 months to measure their knowledge uplift.

Embed learning with ArcBlue ‘Practical Coaching’

Practical Coaching is a market leading initiative aimed at building capability targeting the ‘70%’ of the 70/20/10 learning methodology – experiential learning. 

Practical Coaching consists of a series of workshops dedicated to a specific topic – such as negotiation, aimed at hard coding knowledge through application, coaching and reviewing.

Using the participant’s real-life work projects, the coaching sessions are aimed at strengthening and accelerating the way the learner undertakes their work.

The sessions are set up as a safe place for learners to grow, make mistakes and build confidence.

  • ArcBlue can either train internal champions or run the sessions
  • Follows a training course, so all participants are on the same level of knowledge
  • Sessions are scheduled either monthly or every second month and run for approximately 2 hours
  • We can facilitate them 1.1 or in groups – the groups allow participants to learn from each other’s scenarios

Coaching facilitators use a combination of:

  • Facilitated discussion
  • Questioning techniques
  • Role plays

Keys to a successful learning program:

Customised Content

Content that is industry, company and role specific


Measurable learning outcomes tied to increasing learners’ effectiveness 


An appropriate learning pace that allows for understanding based on learners’ profile

Mixed Formats

Optimal mix of delivery formats to fit audience profile

Active Learning

Interactive team-based exercises to drive engagement and apply skills

'Practice makes permanent'

Practical Coaching to drive understanding and unconscious adoption of new skills

The Procurement University helps to make learning long-term using our online learning hub, the Digital Academy

Each Procurement University learner is given access to the Digital Academy – our online hub for procurement learning. ​

The Digital Academy provides simple, secure access to tools, templates, online learning, videos and supporting materials.

The Digital Academy is designed to facilitate learners to take a long-term approach to their professional development, tracking their development and create a hub of learning resources to check back into as they need them over time, encouraging a continuous learning mindset. It uses a variety of interactive and engaging tools to help learners stay engaged and motivated including videos, animations, quizzes, discussion forums, and activities.

Want to future-proof your Procurement team?

The ArcBlue Procurement University ensures sustained talent growth using a program of blended learning, tailored to your team’s requirements.

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Workforce & Skills Development Review

We were engaged to undertake a Workforce & Skills Development Review for a government organisation in New Zealand.

Social Procurement and Workforce ​Development​

We developed a Social Procurement and Workforce Development Strategy on behalf of a state government project in NSW.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.

Risk Governance Management

We were engaged in order to understand what due diligence was in place for the client's supply chain and how it was being applied.