Jo CrossSenior Consultant

Meet the team

Jo is a Contracts and Procurement professional with 10 years’ experience in the Victorian Government sector in State Government bodies, Local Government Association and Local Government directly. 

Jo has built Contracts and Procurement processes, tools, guidelines and workshops (internal and external); and has led multi-million-dollar procurement processes across a wide range of goods, services and construction; as well as providing strong training, guidance and support in both centralised and decentralised procurement business models. 

Jo also has private sector experience in telecommunications, print, fleet and finance; all with a continuous improvement focus, including business improvement program delivery based on LEAN. 

Jo has introduced process problem solving via “StopStartContinue” workshops through to Post Project Implementation Reviews at both State and Local Government levels to ensure activity is focussed, delivers results and continues to improve; as well as linking to long term business planning pillars. 

Jo’s background also includes business analysis, problem solving and future planning, including presenting multiple problem-solving options at executive level to ensure action throughout the procurement process is positively outcome driven.


  • Melbourne Office