Julie Kyc-RozanesSenior Consultant

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Julie is a seasoned procurement and real estate management expert with significant experience in the Asian insurance industry. She is a demonstrated procurement leader that has built high functioning teams, and consistently delivers value and savings to the organisation. This expertise was built with pragmatic hands-on experience across numerous indirect categories. She has won numerous accolades and awards for her excellence including the Asia Pride@AXA Prize in 2017.

Julie has worked in various senior leadership roles with AXA across Asia, where she managed a team of procurement professionals, strengthened business partnerships, designed and implemented corporate real estate strategies as well as led an international cross-functional team at AXA headquarters. Prior to ArcBlue, Julie worked at Chanel where she set up the Asia Procurement Centre of Excellence.


  • Hong Kong Office
  • julie.kyc@arcblue.com.hk

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