Mrinal JanaProcurement Analyst

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Mrinal Jana has over 8 years of work experience in the procurement domain, from categorizing spend to managing a data and analytics driven category.

Mrinal started his career with Zycus Inc. where he held multiple roles ranging from Analyst to a procurement specialist driving the business for Zycus. He categorized spend data for clientele across various sectors, consulted on the best fit Zycus solution to better clients’ procurement habits and visibility, including spend management, sourcing and supplier management tools.

In his role as Principal Analyst with Anheuser Busch InBev Mrinal managed procurement from a data and sourcing perspective. He handled categories such as Packaging (Global procurement), Transport (Europe and India) and Malt (Global). He also had a role pertaining to sustainability and data analytics, where he was responsible for a driving a project for the conversion of gasoline powered fleet to electric powered fleet, resulting in savings and reduced emissions. He was actively involved in another project to reduce the delivery cost of water for various facilities in the ABI office and breweries globally.

Mrinal’s key achievements include:

– Procurement Value team award for enabling savings worth USD 500+ Million (Personal Achievement of worth USD 42.6 Million for FY2018-19- (ABInBev)

– Best team of the year in ABI for procurement Shared services- (ABInBev)

– Best team of the year (Linde Gases), 2013 at Zycus annual award function- (Zycus)

– Best team of the year (Vendor management Projects, Alliant Energy & Mondelez Inc.), 2016 Zycus annual award function- (Zycus)

Mrinal is an avid biker and loves adventure. He is inspired by the story that lies within the data provided to him, creating a meaningful identity or a solution out of it. He loves playing around with the information available to him. Curiosity and an eagerness to learn is what motivates him.


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