Stephanie MullallySenior Consultant

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Stephanie has seven years’ post qualification experience as a commercial lawyer in both the public and private sector in New Zealand.  She is also experienced in procurement, government policy and international trade negotiation.

She has broad experience advising on contracts and contract management, procurements, negotiation strategies, commercial and public law as well as drafting various commercial documentation and processes, contracts, policies, guides, tools and templates.

Stephanie provided legal advice on a range of tender processes, negotiations and framework contracts for the New Zealand Government’s multi-billion dollar ‘All-of-Government’ procurement reform programme for over 800 government agencies.  Tenders and contracts included: air travel, corporate consumables, energy, information technology, rental vehicles and various professional services such as advertising, recruitment and legal services. 

More recently, she was New Zealand’s lead negotiator for international government procurement commitments with a wide-range of countries in the Asia-Pacific and delivered a portfolio of work relating to New Zealand’s participation in international fora on government procurement matters, including the World Trade Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and the World Bank.

Stephanie was also the lead policy advisor in the New Zealand government’s NZ$300m initiative to provide broadband to rural New Zealand, the largest rollout of rural broadband services in New Zealand’s history. She has also worked for one of New Zealand’s top private law firms where she advised domestic and international corporates and government agencies on a range of commercial transactions and contracts.

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