Reducing costs and protecting profitability

August 2022

Executive Director Chris Hodgson explores how business leaders today are under immense pressure to make cost savings and protect profitability.

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Business leaders are under immense pressure to reduce costs and increase profitability. However, it can be hard to find out where these opportunities exist. Often, organizations have distributed their buying activities and procurement activities across multiple departments and even multiple locations.

With this distributed information and no systems talking to one another, it is impossible for these business leaders to know where the opportunities for savings lie. The lack of access to meaningful actionable data means that these business leaders cannot get to these opportunities quickly and effectively. Without specialist access to resources and technology, organizations are unable to deliver the full potential of procurement savings opportunities available to them.

At ArcBlue, we have specialist resources and specialist technology that have been specifically designed and packaged to deliver savings programs. Our team has industry expertise and market expertise so that we know where these opportunities lie. We use our analytics platform to cleanse, categorize and visualize your data, and we bring meaningful insights from our team of experts to identify where the opportunities lie.

Using our tried and tested methodologies and technology, we use the insights and our knowledge of markets and our expertise to identify the opportunities in the supply markets and also within your data. Our methodology will target quick wins, but we will also look at long term, sustainable savings for your organization. Our approach to savings programs is flexible and based on our clients needs, we can help you at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. It’s completely up to you.

With our specialist expertise and technologies, we’re delivering our clients a 15:1 return on investment, delivering more for our clients and giving them a competitive advantage.