Bidding & Tendering Advisory

Supporting bid & tender applications

Supporting suppliers to respond to complex bids and deliver against government requirements 

ArcBlue leverages extensive procurement and supply chain knowledge to support suppliers respond to complex bids. Our expert consultants have the unique perspective of having worked in tender evaluation, and some have been involved in creating the policies and strategies relating to current social procurement policy.

Our experts also have extensive experience working as tenderers on complex major projects such as infrastructure and renewables projects and can advise suppliers on how best to approach a tender response. 

We are able to help you to interpret tender requirements and translate what the tenderer is looking for. We can advise suppliers on complex tendering processes, ensuring compliance and probity requirements are met.


We specialise in assisting suppliers bidding for government contracts, enabling them to address and meet government requirements including:

  • Social Procurement
  • Workforce Development and Inclusive Employment
  • Industry Participation and Engagement

Through our specialised knowledge in procurement and supply chain, local supply requirements and social procurement strategies and guidance, we empower suppliers to not only secure contracts but also deliver successfully in alignment with government mandates. 

ArcBlue provides bid preparation and implementation support for major individual suppliers and consortiums or joint ventures at various stages of the procurement lifecycle. 

Bidding & Tendering Advisory Solutions

Bid Support for Social Procurement

Bid Support for Social Procurement Outcomes


ArcBlue can support you to respond to a bid that has Social Procurement requirements. We can assist you to develop your bids and tender applications to ensure you are achieving and exceeding (where possible) your social and sustainable procurement compliance requirements and maximising your local content opportunities. 

  • Social Procurement Planning

Working with you to develop a Social Procurement plan.

  • Establishing Partnerships

Identifying suppliers and establishing partnerships to enable you to deliver on requirements.

  • Supplier Mobilisation

Post contract award, working with suppliers to establish effective service partnerships and delivery approaches.​

Bid Support for Workforce Development and Inclusive Employment Requirements

Bid Support for Workforce Development and Inclusive Employment Requirements 


ArcBlue offers comprehensive assistance for integrating workforce development requirements into your bids and tender applications. Our services are designed to ensure you meet workforce development requirements whilst maximising opportunities for local talent engagement. 

  • Define project workforce development objectives and context

We provide a clear summary of the project objectives, policies, guidelines, and the relevant regulatory requirements that apply. 

  • Workforce Analysis

We work closely with you to analyse your current workforce data identifying key skills gaps, assessing workforce diversity needs and professional growth pathways.

  • Strategic Planning

We support you to develop strategic workforce development plans aligned with the specific needs of the project taking into consideration legislative frameworks, policy guidelines and client priorities. 

  • Developing Partnerships 

We assist you in building meaningful partnerships with local communities, educational institutions, and industry organisations to ensure a collaborative approach to talent development and inclusive employment.

Bid Support for Industry Participation Requirements

Bid Support for Industry Participation Requirements


ArcBlue can support you responding to a bid that includes local industry participation requirements drawing on our significant experience in facilitating local business and stakeholder engagement, participation in major projects and government funded initiatives to maximise economic and social benefits within regions.

  • Define Project Objectives & Regulatory Requirements 

Providing a clear overview of project objectives, policies, guidelines, procurement category opportunities and relevant regulatory requirements.

  • Industry Engagement & Best Practice Research

Engaging with local intermediaries and thorough desktop analysis to gain an understanding of local capacity and capability, local and regional industry landscape, and supply chain opportunities. Map the supply chain to project category opportunities for the local industry. 

  • Opportunity Analysis & Industry Participation Plan (IPP) Development

Create IPP including strategies, initiatives and performance measures to promote and maximise industry participation in the project.

Need support to make your bids or tenders more competitive or compliant?

ArcBlue leverages extensive procurement and supply chain knowledge to support suppliers respond to complex bids. We can advise suppliers on complex tendering processes, ensuring compliance and probity requirements are met.

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Procurement Framework Review & Documentation Development

We worked with an Australian water utility organisation to review their existing procurement procedures and policies.

Procurement Framework Review & Capability Development

We supported the implementation and review of a Procurement Framework for a financial services institution which included a Capability Development assessment.

Procurement Diagnostic, Category Review​

ArcBlue provided in-house Category Management training to this client's sourcing professionals. We were also engaged to provide ongoing direct support to the category managers by coaching them through the category strategy development process.

Procurement capability assessment & transformation for a Healthcare organisation

This Australian Healthcare facility embarked on a transformation of the Procurement function to enable the strategy, create efficiencies and to achieve increased value for money.