Industry Participation

Facilitating local industry participation opportunities

Facilitating local industry participation in major projects and initiatives

ArcBlue has significant experience in facilitating local business and stakeholder engagement and participation in major projects and government funded initiatives to maximise economic and social benefits within regions. ArcBlue Industry Participation programs ensure that local industries are involved, considered, and given opportunities in major projects and government-funded initiatives.

ArcBlue works with project stakeholders to address regulatory requirements across:

  • Industry Participation Plans (IPPs): Formulating effective IPPs that foster collaboration between industry stakeholders and enhance local participation
  • Local Industry Development Plans (LIDPs): Creating LIDPs that promote regional economic growth by supporting local businesses and industries
  • Social Procurement Strategies: We develop strategies that align procurement practices with social and community objectives, ensuring positive impacts beyond financial transactions
  • Compliance Plans: Our team assists in designing robust compliance plans that adhere to legal and regulatory frameworks.

Our expertise is further enriched by an in-depth understanding of key stakeholders and the intricacies of supply chains, in particular within the renewable energy and construction sectors, comprehending supply chain requirements and addressing challenges to enhance local supplier capabilities.

The ArcBlue team brings a profound grasp of the evolving regulatory landscape and the strengths and challenges inherent in national and international supply chains. Our experience spans various levels, from policy development to supporting major infrastructure projects and driving localised supplier engagement programs. We pride ourselves on delivering practical results that not only meet requirements but also create tangible impact on the ground.

Our view on Local Industry Participation Programs

Too often communities miss out on the economic benefit that large scale infrastructure projects create because businesses and potential workforces are not sufficiently prepared to take advantage of them. Equally identifying and developing strong local supply chains, can mitigate supply chain risk and create significant value for companies. 

Industry participation programs stimulate local economies by encouraging businesses to engage with community projects and government initiatives. Increased business activity leads to job creation, providing employment opportunities for local residents. SMEs are the backbone of local communities. Industry participation programs ensure SME’s gain a fair chance to participate in major projects. This support helps SMEs grow, thrive, and contribute to the local economy.

When local businesses participate in large-scale projects, they often upskill their workforce. This enhances the skill base within the community, making it more competitive and adaptable. Whereas when local industries participate, they have a vested interest in the community’s well-being. This fosters long-term sustainable growth rather than short-term gains. Industry participation programs strengthen local economies, empower businesses, and create a sense of shared responsibility within communities.

Our Approach

  • Define Project Objectives & Regulatory Requirements

    Project objectives, policies, guidelines, procurement category opportunities & relevant regulatory requirements

  • Commence Industry Engagement & Best Practice Research

    Map the supply chain matched to project category opportunities for the local industry

  • Opportunity Analysis & IPP Development

    Create IPP including strategies, initiatives & performance measures to promote & maximise industry participation in the project

Need to engage better with local industry for your next project or funded initiative?

ArcBlue Industry Participation programs ensure that local industries are involved, considered, and given opportunities in major projects and government-funded initiatives.

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Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.

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