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Our mission is to deliver positive change through procurement.

ArcBlue is a leading specialist procurement consulting, analytics & training organisation.

We aim to support organisations to use procurement as a platform to achieve more – more efficiency, more value, more insight, more savings, more social impact, more clarity, more influence, more flexibility, more assurance or more visibility.


Head Office: Level 19, 15 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Call: +61 (03) 8400 4220


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Our Services

ArcBlue has a range of tried, tested and proven methodologies to ensure your projects are a success. 

ArcBlue mybuy Portal

The ArcBlue mybuy hub provides a single ‘home’ for all things procurement, giving your stakeholders a simple and effective user experience for your new procurement processes.

The mybuy hub brings it all together – tools, strategies, processes, learning & analytics. It interfaces with your existing systems to ensure that you can embed procurement change across your whole business.

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Contact us to arrange a demonstration of how mybuy could benefit your organisation. We’ll ask you a few simple questions to ensure your mybuy demo suits your organisation and addresses your challenges & pain points.