Leverage our extensive public sector experience to ensure excellence in Government procurement

Leverage our public sector expertise to deliver procurement outcomes for New Zealand Government

Whether it is developing a social procurement initiative, designing procurement frameworks and policies, or the delivery of a savings program, ArcBlue can work with your procurement team to optimise the value delivered to Government and the broader community.

Ensure the highest standards of probity are maintained

Government procurement is always subject to high levels of industry and media scrutiny. ArcBlue has the experience to provide probity advice, training and support to ensure compliance in your next procurement project.

Providing the experienced procurement resources

The on-time delivery of Government projects requires access to the most capable procurement resources. ArcBlue can provide experienced procurement and project resources at short notice, to work within your team.

Measuring and uplifting procurement capability

ArcBlue works with New Zealand Government organisations to measure and benchmark the capability of procurement teams and then deliver targeted training to improve skills and improve the overall capability of the team. We also deliver public sector accreditation and CIPS certification programs so that your organisation can compare against set benchmarks and gain credibility.


Deliver value in government through consulting, change management & transformation

ArcBlue has experience in delivering procurement reviews and diagnostics, probity advice and reviews, procurement transformation programs, sourcing and savings strategies as well as advice on category management.

For Governance bodies, ArcBlue has significant experience in undertaking accreditation and compliance programs.


Achieve more social impact for your community through procurement

ArcBlue has a strong record in the growing field of social and sustainable procurement.

From large scale Place-Based programs through to supply chain engagement and the development of frameworks and policies, ArcBlue has experience in working with government organisations to deliver broader outcomes.


Flexible, on-demand procurement resources with public sector experience

ArcBlue maintains a pool of flexible on demand project and procurement resources that can help you meet your resourcing needs to cover a short term vacancy or period of leave or to ensure that your project remains on track.


Assess & benchmark procurement capability and create a roadmap for skills growth

ArcBlue has both the experience and tools to assess and benchmark procurement capability within Government procurement teams.

We work with your organisation to design a capability assessment project that will provide real insights into the capability and skills of your team – collectively and individually.


Enable best practice outcomes and informed decision-making through spend analytics

Managing spend across large organisations can be challenging. ArcBlue can assist your organisation in analysing and better understanding your spend through the use of the latest in procurement technology and our team of experienced procurement analysts.


Improve efficiency, collaboration & consistency in procurement practices with a digital procurement workspace

The mybuy procurement hub is a collaborative procurement space that brings together all of your procurement policies, data and reporting into a single online home.

Utilise mybuy to create a connected, collaborative workspace between agencies or departments, and ensure a consistency of procurement services, systems, documents & tools.