Major Projects & Capital Works Procurement

Successfully delivering complex major procurement projects

Major infrastructure projects and capital works programs can be challenging and need to balance how to best manage project risk, budget and timeline while achieving long-term economic, social and environmental benefits that may be realised over several decades.

Our experienced team have identified five important practices fundamental in delivering value for money through procurement:

  • Fitness for Purpose – selecting preferred procurement approach based on project specifics
  • Cost Management – selecting and developing preferred commercial structures based on project specifics
  • Risk Management – appropriate allocation of risk to maintain value for money
  • On-time Delivery – getting the fundamentals of project management, governance, reporting and delivery established and right
  • Social and Economic Benefit – proactive approach to social outcomes and community engagement.

Key principles that deliver effective & efficient capital delivery programs:

  • Program Strategy and Planning
  • Process, Systems and Governance
  • People Capability
  • Supplier and Market Development
  • Performance and Risk Management
  • Continuous Improvement

Our Solutions

For each stage of the Asset Lifecycle, ArcBlue offers a range of services:

Dispose Stage – Services

  • Asset decommission and disposal procurement support

Maintain Stage – Services

  • Minor works program delivery
  • Asset Operations Contracting support
  • Asset (MRO) Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
Major Projects and Capital Works

Planning Stage – Services

  • Grants process management
  • Business Case development
  • Construction Category planning
  • Infrastructure Social & Sustainability strategy
  • Bid Advisory services

Construct Stage – Services

  • Major project procurement delivery – across the full range of Procurement & Contracting options

Supporting Services

  • Infrastructure Projects Training
  • Infrastructure Procurement Frameworks
  • Enabling Technology
  • Construction Category Analytics

How we can support your Capital Works program

Organisations that are delivering capital works programs face several challenges — whether they are taking on a handful of small and medium-size projects; a portfolio of diverse projects.

The goal of a best-practice capital program procurement should consider the definition and strategy, specifics of the supply market, and the capabilities of the company.

Our Capital Program review and commercial offering is based upon the below process and methodology and includes on-site workshops with procurement staff and internal stakeholders.

Major Projects and Capital Works

Why speak to ArcBlue for your next Major Project or Capital Works procurement project?

Deep Infrastructure Experience

Our team have real infrastructure projects industry experience, not just consultancy experience.

Expertise Across the Full Spectrum Delivery Models

Deep experience in all Infrastructure delivery models: CO, D&C, DC&M, EPCM, EPC, PPP and ECI.

Diverse Project Track Record

We have delivered successful projects across various asset classes including Building, Recreational, Community, Bridges and Operational Assets.

Solutions Across the Full Asset Lifecycle

We add value across the four phases of an Asset Life-cycle: 1. Planning, 2. Construct, 3. Operate, and 4. Dispose.

Multi-Sector Experience

Our experience is across both Public and Private sector, this includes State and Local Govt, Water and Power Utility, Transport, Health and Higher Education.

A Focus on Sustainable Solutions

We are passionate about delivering Sustainable Infrastructure solutions.

Need help to deliver successful complex major procurement projects?

ArcBlue has deep infrastructure experience and solutions across the full asset lifecycle.

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Our Major Projects & Capital Works Procurement Team

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Procurement, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Delivery Operating Model Review and Transformation

We conducted a Procurement, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Delivery operating model review and transformation program for an energy utility in Australia.

Procurement Strategy for a building construction project

We developed and delivered a Construction Project Procurement Strategy for a University campus in Australia.

Procurement Strategy & delivery for a waste infrastructure project

We worked with an Australian water utility organisation to lead the development of their procurement strategy and delivery of their procurement approach.

Procurement Strategy & Delivery for a Design & Construct Contract

We undertook an Infrastructure project procurement strategy for a Design and Construct contract for an Australian Council.