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Flexible project solutions to ensure you deliver more through procurement

ArcBlue’s Project Procurement solutions help you to deliver on budget and on time, support ranging from our Procurement-as-a-Service flexible resources, to end-to-end procurement project management for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

We also work with suppliers to assist them with bidding and tendering on projects, ensuring they best understand procurement requirements and put their best foot forward to respond. 

Our experienced team offers the specialist knowledge that’s required – whether that requirement is category expertise, project management skills, change management skills, or localised knowledge of the market.

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We see…

  • Procurement often presents challenges due to the complexity and scale of projects
  • Specialist or localized knowledge is often required
  • Major projects and sourcing projects can often involve diverse scopes of work, ranging from engineering and construction to technology integration. Defining and managing the procurement requirements across these multifaceted scopes can be challenging
  • Major projects are inherently associated with elevated risks, including financial, technical, and operational uncertainties. Procurement professionals must navigate these risks to ensure that the selected vendors and suppliers can meet project objectives while mitigating potential disruptions
  • Balancing the need for thorough procurement processes with the imperative to meet project deadlines is a constant challenge
  • Technology plays a crucial role to project success. Procurement of cutting-edge technologies requires a deep understanding of the market, emerging trends, and the ability to assess the long-term viability of the selected solutions
  • Major projects often involve sourcing materials and services from a global supply chain. Managing the logistical challenges, geopolitical considerations, and potential disruptions in the supply chain requires a sophisticated approach
  • Procurement projects are often challenging, with practitioners needing to tackle a combination of technical, regulatory, financial, and logistical complexities. Successfully navigating these challenges demands a strategic and adaptive procurement approach tailored to the unique demands of each project

Project Procurement Solutions

Major Projects & Capital Works
Major Project Capital Works Procurement ArcBlue

Major Projects & Capital Works Procurement

Successfully delivering complex major procurement projects


Major infrastructure projects and capital works programs can be challenging and need to balance how to best manage project risk, budget and timeline while achieving long-term economic, social and environmental benefits that may be realised over several decades. ArcBlue has deep infrastructure experience and solutions across the full asset lifecycle.

We have expertise across the full spectrum of delivery models and multi-sector experience including Ports, State and Local Government, Utilities, Transport, Health and Higher Education. 



Flexible on-demand experienced project resources


ArcBlue Procurement-as-a-Service offers solutions-focused resources to meet your needs when you require more people but have a limited headcount, limited resources, or require specialist capability to supplement your workforce.

ArcBlue experts have a diverse range of industry backgrounds including private sector, government, infrastructure and defence.

Sourcing Projects
ArcBlue Sourcing Projects

Sourcing Projects

Leverage your purchasing power to improve efficiency, add value and future-proof your supply chain


​ArcBlue provides commercial advice and support through the end-to-end sourcing process. ​

Our approach is to provide a fit-for-purpose sourcing methodology with the option for implementation, with expertise across a range of regional locations, categories, environments, public and private sector frameworks.

Our Regional Sourcing team helps you find the best suppliers in your region. We help you with strategic decision-making around supply chain design & location, evaluating the regional sourcing landscape. ​​

Bidding & Tendering Advisory

Bidding & Tendering Advisory

Supporting suppliers to respond to complex bid and tender applications

ArcBlue leverages extensive procurement and supply chain knowledge to support suppliers respond to complex bids. Our expert consultants have the unique perspective of having worked in tender evaluation, and some have been involved in creating the policies and strategies relating to current social procurement policy.

Our experts also have extensive experience working as tenderers on complex major projects such as infrastructure and renewables projects and can advise suppliers on how best to approach a tender response. 

We are able to help you to interpret tender requirements and translate what the tenderer is looking for. We can advise suppliers on complex tendering processes, ensuring compliance and probity requirements are met.

Need support to deliver your procurement projects?

ArcBlue’s Project Procurement solutions help you to deliver on budget and on time, with support ranging from flexible resources to  end-to-end procurement project management, on large and small projects. We provide the procurement support required for your projects to exceed stakeholder expectations.

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Risk Governance Management

We were engaged in order to understand what due diligence was in place for the client's supply chain and how it was being applied.

Procurement, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Delivery Operating Model Review and Transformation

We conducted a Procurement, Supply Chain and Infrastructure Delivery operating model review and transformation program for an energy utility in Australia.

Procurement Strategy for a building construction project

We developed and delivered a Construction Project Procurement Strategy for a University campus in Australia.

Procurement Strategy & delivery for a waste infrastructure project

We worked with an Australian water utility organisation to lead the development of their procurement strategy and delivery of their procurement approach.