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Financial Services solutions for short-term and long-term success

Financial Services procurement functions face multiple challenges that can only be addressed by an effective operating model and appropriate capability. Whilst cost is always a focus, it is vital that the function delivers and is recognised, for creating organisational value. To compound the challenges, most financial services procurement functions have people, process and technology constraints.

In recent years, Financial Services organisations have asked their procurement functions to navigate through significant supply chain challenges – far beyond their traditional scope. These trials have included navigating the shifting sands of outsourcing regulations, managing the supply chain impact of Covid and other world events, and reacting to the changing face of banking presented through emerging technologies and disruptors.

The unique challenges of delivering procurement and the broadening focus of supply chain and supplier considerations provides Financial Services procurement leaders with many opportunities to bring procurement to the forefront.

We understand the issues and opportunities and have the experience and the tools to deliver pragmatic solutions that will elevate the function, create short-term value as well as laying the foundation for long-term success and genuine business value.

Challenges leaders face in Financial Services organisations


Compliance in a heavily regulated environment – to internal audits on policy compliance, the Modern Slavery Act and a focus on supplier risk assessments.

Delivering Value

Procurement needs to create business value – not just cost savings. Value should be accessed via supply chain management and genuine category management.

Capability Gaps

Skills gaps affecting strategic procurement outcomes. Attracting talent can be difficult, with low-skilled buyers often dealing with high-value suppliers. 


Digitisation is key to managing cost and reducing risk, and visibility of all spend is critical, but not common. Adoption of new technologies should be a priority.

How we can help

Our Financial Services industry specialists, supported by our procurement experts across Asia Pacific are ready to support you to deliver more through a broad range of services.

Category Management

  • Developing category strategies for spend unique to Financial Services such as Brokerage, Clearing, and Exchange contra-revenue or expense items and Payment Services.

Industry Compliance

  • We can assist you with your compliance to regulatory outsourcing requirements such as APRA CPS231/CPS230 and RBNZ BS11.

Supplier Due Diligence

  • Developing robust, efficient, and regulatory compliant due diligence programmes for the onboarding, managing, and ensuring oversight of your suppliers.

ESG Practices

  • Embedding Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) related practices into your day-to-day procurement activities.

Contract & Supplier Management

  • Establishing robust Contract and Supplier Relationship Management practices across your organisation.

Sourcing Specialists

  • Sourcing back and middle office functions to off/on-shore service centres or BPOs.

Savings Programmes

  • Extracting cost out of your organisation’s procurement spend.

Supply Chain Risk & Resilience

  • Mitigating the risk of future supply chain disruptions.

Procurement Learning & Development

  • Uplifting your team’s procurement capabilities across a wide range of topics and skillsets. 

Procurement Diagnostics

  • Performing a procurement diagnostic across your organisation, benchmarking procurement maturity and capability against organisations both within and outside of Financial Services.

Need to deliver more through procurement?

ArcBlue’s deep understanding of Financial Services, our experience in the sector and our ability to bring ideas and approaches from other industries make us the perfect partner to help you deliver more through procurement. 

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Fulfilment, Logistics and Supply Chain​

We were enrolled by Bain & Company to drive an end-to-end strategic sourcing process and to lock-in savings for a global FMCG distributor.

GNFR Categories Savings Programme​

We performed a savings diagnostic for a large Australian retail chain and completed an organisation wide assessment of procurement capability.

Procurement Framework Review & Development

This Federal Financial services organisation operated in a decentralised procurement model. The Technology Procurement team provided a procurement service to the Technology Business Unit.

Procurement Framework Review & Capability Development

We supported the implementation and review of a Procurement Framework for a financial services institution which included a Capability Development assessment.