Reporting & Impact Measurement

Record, track and measure social & sustainable outcomes

Record, track and measure social & sustainable outcomes and fulfil your reporting obligations

ArcBlue supports clients to create a fit-for-purpose data and reporting framework to monitor and measure outcomes, compliance requirements, risks and opportunities for ongoing continuous improvement.

We utilise your spend data to create interactive dashboards that provide insights into key sustainability and resiliency topics. We have developed a range of sustainable procurement analytics dashboards for clients that can be customised, and our dashboards can be further customised with additional granularity added based on your needs.

ArcBlue has many years’ experience collecting and reporting on workforce diversity and social procurement analytics. Our solution simplifies the capture and reporting of key social measures against targets to enable organisations clarity around social commitments through it’s supply chain.

Our Social & Sustainable Procurement Reporting & Impact measurement can focus on:

  • Data collection
  • Social & Sustainable impact dashboards
  • Economic modelling
  • Measurement model development
  • Carbon emissions
  • Social licence
  • Modern Slavery risks
  • Supply chain risks
  • Local spend
  • Audit & benchmarking.

Audit & Benchmarking

ArcBlue can conduct a detailed audit of your organisation’s social procurement activity and practice to benchmark it against industry practice.

This may include:​

  • Corporate ESG plans & strategies
  • Social procurement case studies, activity and associated plans​
  • Expenditure data summarised by category for previous and current financial years
  • Forward procurement and activity plan
  • Key relevant policies and practices
  • Procurement tools, templates, guidance and training materials
  • Research and benchmarking against industry best practice

Carbon Cube

Our Carbon Cube solution utilises a spend-based approach, applying emissions factors to give you an understanding of your Scope 3 emissions.  

We take your spend data and select the right emissions factors from our database of thousands of up-to-date emission factors​, to give you a view of your estimated Scope 3 Emissions.

The Carbon Cube helps you to prioritise the sub-categories and suppliers to engage with on sustainability initiatives. 

The ArcBlue ESG Hub

The ESG Hub is a reporting solution to support your organisation in coordinating and meeting their reporting obligations. These activities will be achieved through your custom mybuy Hub. ​

Each stakeholder has associated reporting metrics that must be tracked against and reported to the Employers Representative through required reporting periods.

The reporting obligations extend to lenders, security holders, and the broader community. These obligations encompass transparency, accountability, and compliance with relevant regulations​

The MyBuy Hub presents a unique solution to capture inputs, manage your data monitoring and reporting requirements, in real time. 

The hub can allow you to:

  • Track your action plan and progress against goals and set outcomes
  • Track maturity year-on-year
  • Relevant major projects and spend
  • Local Spend Insight – Track and gain insights into your local spend and how your organisation is supporting the local economy. Identify local spend and what can be done to shift spending to the local area. Using partner tools, you can identify the local and social impacts your spend has in your region
  • Track inclusive employment outcomes for target groups and employment pathways

Data Collection – Our online forms gather crucial metrics required for reporting purposes. The forms can be tailored to suite your reporting needs.

Custom Dashboards – Online dashboards which can be accessed at the Client, Consortium or sub-contractor level which illustrates project progress to date across selected outcomes

Supplier Register – Leverage mybuy to capture and report on social and sustainable suppliers. This will help you track and manage supplier information effectively.

Guided ESG Support – Leverage ESG support to remove the complexity and support social and sustainable outcomes to be easily incorporated and reported. ​

Need help to track, measure and meet your social & Sustainable procurement outcomes?

ArcBlue helps their clients to monitor & measuring social & sustainable outcomes, compliance requirements, risks & opportunities for ongoing continuous improvement.

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Workforce & Skills Development Review

We were engaged to undertake a Workforce & Skills Development Review for a government organisation in New Zealand.

Supplier Portal Hub Design & Implementation

Wanting to increase engagement with local suppliers, this council partnered with ArcBlue to co-design and implement a Supplier Portal, utilising ArcBlue’s myBuy hub solution.

Social Procurement and Workforce ​Development​

We developed a Social Procurement and Workforce Development Strategy on behalf of a state government project in NSW.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.