Developing a Roadmap to deliver more value

Our Procurement Diagnostics begin with the organisational strategy at the forefront. 

Our Procurement Diagnostic uses a structured process to assess current procurement activity and develop a roadmap which reveals opportunities to reduce cost, improve supplier performance and enhance the influence of strategic procurement across your organisation.

With the organisational strategy in mind, our team provides an assessment best practice procurement, then develops the findings into a detailed report containing recommendations, a business case and an implementation plan – effectively a playbook for your change program.

  • Assess 150 aspects of your procurement function against our 9 Dimensions of Procurement Excellence
  • View your procurement maturity against our benchmarks
  • Understand the strengths and development areas for your procurement function
  • Get actions to accelerate your improvement journey

Looking for a Diagnostic on a specific capability?

We also have a Sustainable Procurement Maturity Diagnostic, and Skills Assessments to identify skills of individuals and teams.

How it works

Our team gather information and assess against the ArcBlue Dimensions of Procurement Excellence then develop the findings into a structured recommendations report and business case including an implementation plan.

  • Organisational Strategy

    The process commences with the organisational strategy and goals in mind

  • Information Gathering

    Information is gathered through interviews, documents, spend analysis and an optional individual Skills Assessment

  • Assessment against Dimensions

    The information is assessed against the Dimensions of Procurement Excellence

  • Presented into Findings

    Findings are developed into an 'As-is' current state, and 'To-be' future state recommendations report

  • Roadmap for Change

    The Findings are developed into a Roadmap for Change including a Proposed Operating Model & an Implementation Plan

Understand your maturity

For each of our 9 dimensions of excellence, we benchmark against both our global dataset of procurement organisations, and your organisation’s goals to show you your current state, your target, the benchmark average and where it sits on the maturity scale.

Add more depth to your Diagnostic with Spend Analytics

Identify procurement opportunities and savings by adding an additional workstream to analyse your spend data and highlight opportunities for likely savings.

Our team of experienced Procurement Analysts will cleanse and categorise your data, visualise it in Dashboards and perform an initial opportunity analysis to highlight ‘influenceable spend’, before creating hypothesis opportunities.

These will then be validated and a strategy for each opportunity will be created to sit alongside your Diagnostic deliverables and within your Roadmap for Change. 

Diagnostic Outputs

Procurement Operating Model

We work alongside your team to develop the future Procurement Operating Model

Savings & Opportunities

We will identify likely procurement savings targets and pursue opportunities

Business Case for Change

    • Blueprint Operating Model
    • Cost Improved opportunities
    • ROI for investments
    • Using your early savings to fund further roadmap development and execution

Need to build your roadmap for procurement change?

ArcBlue’s Procurement Diagnostic uses a structured process to assess current procurement activity and develop a roadmap which reveals opportunities to reduce cost, improve supplier performance and enhance influence in your organisation.

Find out how ArcBlue can help you 

Experience the benefits of ArcBlue Diagnostics

  • Understand the effectiveness of your procurement operating model
  • Get a detailed investigation into current procurement practices
  • Identify your short/medium/long term opportunities for cost reduction and supplier performance​
  • Review your technology performance and efficiencies​
  • Define clear organisational roles for effective performance
  • Create a structure that is sustainable and accepted by your internal stakeholders​​

Our Specialists

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Procurement Framework Review & Documentation Development

We worked with an Australian water utility organisation to review their existing procurement procedures and policies.

Procurement Framework Review & Capability Development

We supported the implementation and review of a Procurement Framework for a financial services institution which included a Capability Development assessment.

Procurement Diagnostic, Category Review​

ArcBlue provided in-house Category Management training to this client's sourcing professionals. We were also engaged to provide ongoing direct support to the category managers by coaching them through the category strategy development process.

Procurement capability assessment & transformation for a Healthcare organisation

This Australian Healthcare facility embarked on a transformation of the Procurement function to enable the strategy, create efficiencies and to achieve increased value for money.