Supply Chain Optimisation

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ArcBlue works with organisations to help them build-in resilience, optimise risk management and integrate procurement into their supply chains.

In times of severe supply chain disruption, quick thinking and agile responses are needed to understand supply chain risks and to plan for the future. The first step in any crisis is to understand the extent of the problem – analysing issues across the various tiers of the supply chain to understand the risks, capacity constraints and impact on demand.​

Across the Asia Pacific region, many organisations are endeavouring to ‘de-risk’ their supply chains as recent constraints have highlighted the risks of relying heavily on a sole supplier, or on supply from a single location.

Our experienced analysts can assist to optimise supply chain networks using technology such as AI and machine learning to simulate and analyse scenarios, to assist clients to make informed decisions about supply chain design.

ArcBlue has expertise across numerous sectors, industries and geographical locations in achieving real value for companies by using tried and tested tools and programmes adapted by subject matter experts. Our unequalled network of consultants allows us to tap expertise in any supply chain niche.​

We see…

  • Global economic shocks are occurring with ever increasing frequency
  • Working in this perpetual uncertainty is becoming business as usual as disruption and volatility continue to define the business environment
  • Recent supply chain disruptions have led to a decrease in shareholder returns and company performance
  • Navigating supply chain disruptions and recovery challenges compels organisations to reassess strategies
  • Supply Chain Agility comes with understanding your supply chains structurally, through an economic lens, and from a risk perspective
  • Best practice organisations are utilising advanced technology such as AI, machine learning and digital twins to improve visibility
  • Improved visibility enables you to maximise efficiency, maximise optionality, identify & manage risk exposure such as labour laws & modern slavery, Scope 3 & carbon risk and cyber security risk in your supply chain
  • An integrated procurement & supply chain provides collaboration and the link between strategy and delivery, enables operational and business efficiencies and provides insights and support to asset strategy and planning

Supply Chain Optimisation Solutions

Supply Chain Network Optimisation

Supply Chain Network Optimisation

Advanced technology for optimal supply chain design


Design and manage your supply chain network to make sure that your products flow from suppliers to customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, utilising mathematical modelling, simulations and optimisation algorithms to analyse scenarios and make data-driven decisions. Advanced technologies like machine learning and AI improve decision-making and enable real-time optimisation.

We analyse:
– the location of your facilities and operations
– how you set up your transportation, and
– balancing your inventory to meet customer demands whilst minimising carrying costs.

Our industry-leading digital tools and best practice methodologies help to optimise your network, saving money and improving customer service in the process. 

De-Risking Supply Chains

De-Risking Supply Chains

Planning, researching and executing de-risking strategies to ensure business continuity


Recent geopolitical tensions, rising labour costs, trade disputes, COVID, increased import costs and shortages have highlighted the risks with relying too heavily on a sole supplier, or on suppliers in a single location.

ArcBlue supports clients through their de-risking processes, which involves a combination of:
– Diversifying Suppliers
– Nearshoring or reshoring production, or
– Enhancing supply chain resilience by investing in technology such as AI, blockchain and the Internet of Things. 

ArcBlue can support you to weigh the potential benefits and challenges of each de-risking strategy to find the best-fit approach and reduce business disruption.

Supply Chain Resilience & Recovery

Supply Chain Resilience & Recovery

Helping you understand your current risks and help set up your supply chain for the future


In times of severe supply chain disruption, quick thinking and agile responses are needed to understand supply chain risks and to plan for the future. Our Supply Chain Risk, Resilience & Recovery Methodology helps you to understand where to focus today and how to position your organisation best for the future. The first step in any crisis is to understand the extent of the problem – analysing issues across the various tiers of the supply chain to understand the risks, capacity constraints and impact on demand.

Once understood we need to conduct scenario planning to identify how these issues flow down to other tiers to then deploy contingency measures to minimise further risks. We need to quickly focus on ramping up the supply chain to meet increased demand.

Our Risk, Resilience & Recovery program helps organisations to respond to:
– Current and immediate supply chain risks
– Capacity constraints
– Financial risks
– Inventory shortages through the supply chain
– Supplier financial stress
– Changing demand profiles

Our Risk, Resilience & Recovery methodology helps organisations understand where to focus today and also how to position best for tomorrow.

ArcBlue Supply Chain Risk

Do you want to make Supply Chain your competitive advantage?

ArcBlue can help you optimise your supply chain operations, improving performance and reducing your risk.​

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