About ArcBlue

Our mission is to drive positive change through procurement.

ArcBlue is a leading procurement & supply chain consulting firm. We help our clients to leverage the power of procurement & supply to drive positive change in their organisations.

Established in 2013, our experienced team supports our clients across the Asia Pacific region.

ArcBlue has 4 core product offerings – Procurement Performance Improvement, Procurement Learning & Development, Social & Sustainable Procurement and Project Procurement. 

Our growing team of over 150 procurement consultants and analysts are committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions in procurement and supply chain management.

ArcBlue is pleased to operate independently as a part of the global consulting firm, Bain & Company. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our local expertise with the extensive knowledge, experience and network of Bain & Company, placing us at the forefront of strategic procurement and supply chain solutions within Asia Pacific. ArcBlue & Bain  deliver an integrated end-to-end procurement transformation offering. Find out more about Bain & ArcBlue here.

Our Regional Footprint

The ArcBlue Head Office is located in Melbourne, with offices across Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth; an office in Auckland, New Zealand; an office in Hong Kong, servicing Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and an office in Singapore, servicing Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. See our office contact details here.

Our History

ArcBlue was founded in 2013 by Managing Directors Chris Newman and Dan Fielding. Chris and Dan are experienced procurement professionals and are passionate about the opportunity that procurement offers to support organisations to achieve more.

Their blend of skills, interests and experience laid the foundation for what has grown into an organisation with broad and deep expertise.

The rapid growth of ArcBlue can be credited to the team that has grown with the business along the way. ArcBlue’s passionate team of professionals have strong, credible experience and a dedication to helping their clients achieve more through procurement.

ArcBlue now has a team of over 150 consultants and is looking forward to expanding the team further. Click on the timeline to see how we’ve grown over the years!

Our Team

We have a team of over 150 consultants and analysts across Asia Pacific who are passionate about the potential for driving positive change through procurement.

The ArcBlue team of procurement and supply chain consultants offer practical experience across a broad range of industries, including: aviation & aerospace, power generation, education, construction, healthcare, marine & offshore oil & gas, manufacturing, financial services, chemicals, FMCG, public sector, IT, legal, energy, telecommunications, and transportation – to name just a few.

We are…



We build a safe, diverse work environment where everyone can express themselves authentically. We are honest with our clients, ourselves and each other.



We share an infectious excitement for our work and the positive change it creates for our clients and the world around us. We are determined in our commitment to deliver on our promises.



We are determined in our pursuit to solve our clients’ challenges. We bring fresh thinking and love to continuously expand our knowledge. 



We are innovative, courageous and willing to take risks. We present client solutions with confidence and are happy to lead the way. We boldly and swiftly adapt to changes to remain agile. 


Committed to Sustainability

We actively and creatively pursue solutions to make our world and environment a better place through all aspects of our work.


One Team

The ArcBlueCrew have each other’s back. We energise, enable and respect one another. We commit to sharing our knowledge, skills and ideas. We celebrate and share our wins.

Our Delivery Philosophy

We believe that organisations want practical, hands-on advice from experienced professionals, not theory from academics. We understand that our clients need support to deliver and embed change in their organisations. 

Procurement leaders are consistently being asked to deliver more by their organisations. More value for money, more cost savings, more efficiency in process, more insights into spend, more social outcomes, more clarity for decision making, more influence in the boardroom… the list goes on. At ArcBlue, we have the experience, the methodologies, the tools and the resources to support organisations to achieve more through procurement.