Supporting clients to navigate their way through infrastructure procurement projects

Sustainable infrastructure is essential for society to function. We help our clients rise to the challenges of delivering complex and successful infrastructure projects through project procurement support and training. Each Infrastructure project is unique in characteristics and selecting the right procurement strategy for an infrastructure project is dependent on the strategic nature of the project, size, risk profile and complexity.

It is important to consider which contracting option, commercial structure, and procurement approach will best balance the control of project cost, time and risk against achieving whole of asset life cycle value for money. Our team of experts partner with our clients to provide front-end strategic services, transaction management services, bid services and contract services to our diverse client base.

Challenges procurement leaders face in Infrastructure & Construction

Project Leadership & Stakeholder Alignment

A lack of infrastructure project sponsorship and leadership will cause failure in a project.

Project Risk

If a project risk assessment is not completed and appropriately managed, this could cause major consequences for the project team.

Project Resource Planning & Team Diversity

A lack of project resources and cross-functional capability to adequately address the project schedule and critical tasks.

Scopes of Work

Anything that is not included in the scope of work may be the subject of a variation under the construction contract.

Project Planning

Poor project planning and management is a leading root cause of infrastructure project failure.

Collaboration & Innovation

Rigid procurement and contracting approaches are creating barriers to innovation and resulting in poor infrastructure value for money outcomes.


For each stage of the Asset Lifecycle, ArcBlue offers a range of services:

Dispose Stage – Services

  • Asset decommission and disposal procurement support

Maintain Stage – Services

  • Minor works program delivery
  • Asset Operations Contracting support
  • Asset (MRO) Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
Infrastructure & Construction

Planning Stage – Services

  • Grants process management
  • Business Case development
  • Construction Category planning
  • Infrastructure Social & Sustainability strategy
  • Bid Advisory services

Construct Stage – Services

  • Major project procurement delivery – across the full range of Procurement & Contracting options

Supporting Services

  • Infrastructure Projects Training
  • Infrastructure Procurement Frameworks
  • Enabling Technology
  • Construction Category Analytics