Cost Optimisation

Make procurement cost savings in your business with
the ArcBlue Savings Accelerator

Optimise procurement costs and find savings in your business – fast, with Savings Accelerator

The ArcBlue Savings Accelerator has been designed to identify opportunities to rapidly make cost savings in your business and drive sustainable benefits. We take your disorganised raw data and convert it into an interactive spend cube dashboard – giving you an easy-to-analyse source of truth to enable your hunt for value.

We apply a broad range of benchmarks to create the opportunity heatmap, and test against a full set of value levers. We then work with your key stakeholder groups to validate, refine and size the opportunities before developing the execution ‘wave plan’ to drive savings through the organisation.

Savings Accelerator delivers an average return on investment of 10x – 15x.

Why ArcBlue to optimise your procurement costs?

  • A robust implementation plan within weeks ​through a Consultative approach
  • Deep analytics skills and benchmarks from ~$300B of spend analysed to date ​
  • Proven approach applying a comprehensive set of value levers to uncover full cost savings ​potential​
  • Trusted procurement practitioners and negotiators with hands on delivery experience​
  • Deliver sustainable procurement savings that stick, not just short-term savings​
  • Wide range of industry and category expertise to increase speed to value​
  • ​Leading practice technology portal to keep everyone on the same page​

How it works



We work with your team ​to identify and collect the most complete data set possible, and ensure we have understood the nuances of your data set​.


We’ll then cleanse and categorise the data into a ‘market facing’ taxonomy, creating an online spend cube that can be shared with you and utilised by the team.


An initial analysis identifies hotspots by applying a range of benchmarks, testing for certain characteristics and understanding the level of maturity in each category.


We apply a full set of value levers and validate our hypotheses before sizing and sequencing the opportunities aligned to your objectives.


Post validation, we create detailed implementation plans for your in-scope opportunities and take these through an agile governance process to ensure there is organisational support​.


Approved opportunities are moved to execution as quickly as possible. Our team can either fully deliver, support or coach your team to deliver the value. Progress is tracked and reported via our portal​.

Visualise your potential with our Savings Tracker

We provide you access to our mybuy Savings Hub which provides real-time visibility of the benefits, size and progress for each opportunity.


We use a proven, structured process to cleanse your data

1. Data Provided

1. Data Provided

GL data, p-card, contract database and other sources of data to bring into data cube. Data can be provided live through an API, monthly or quarterly

2. Create Taxonomy

2. Create Taxonomy

A procurement taxonomy is applied (different from GL coding) to understand spend by category rather than by supplier and cost centre

3. Cleanse & Categorise

3. Cleanse & Categorise

Our analytics team use the support of AI tools to remove erroneous and duplicate data and categorise to the taxonomy

4. Improve Value

4. Improve Value

Categorised and cleansed data is then fed through our opportunity analysis processes to develop strategies to reduce cost and improve value

5. Refresh

5. Refresh

Regular refreshes (quarterly or monthly) expand the database and further develop cleansing rules to allow for more accurate categorisation over time

Need help to remove unnecessary costs from your business? 

ArcBlue uses a structured methodology to identify and analyse costs to drive sustainable benefits. Our cost optimisation programs deliver a return on investment between 10x – 15x.

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Savings Identification

We performed a spend and opportunity analysis for a large logistics company who were undertaking a strategic review to transform the company through a number of initiatives.

Savings & Opportunities

We were engaged to execute our Savings Accelerator methodology for a large retail wealth manager who was in the process of an org-wide transformation programme.

Procurement Transformation and Savings

We were engaged to assist a rapidly growing FMCG brand to understand the supplier market, define their needs and establish a supplier base that could meet the future needs of the business.​

Identification & delivery of cost savings

We worked with a financial institution analyse the current spend and identify savings opportunities to support the acquisition synergy target.