Strategies, Plans & Frameworks

Focus your organisation’s social and sustainable procurement roadmap

Identify opportunities and focus your organisation’s social and sustainable procurement roadmap

We support clients that need help in accelerating their Social or Sustainable Procurement journey though diagnostics, strategy development and implementation. We focus on the integration of sustainability principles into your end-to-end procurement processes.

We can help your organisation assess social and sustainable procurement maturity against best practice, legislative requirements and international standards, and get recommendations for improving maturity over time. We support our clients to establish a formal approach for leveraging their procurement activities to achieve measurable and meaningful social and sustainable impact – including developing objectives/targets, governance and policies and processes to embed social and sustainable procurement.

We can also help you to ensure social and sustainable procurement risks and opportunities are considered during procurement planning and are incorporated into sourcing processes. Our experienced team can assist you to mobilise and embed new practices, with hands-on change management assistance and guidance from trusted subject matter experts.

We work with private sector and public sector organisations, supporting them in delivering holistic approaches to achieving social, environmental and economic outcomes.


For Procurement Leaders and Executive Leadership

​ArcBlue supports you to develop Social & Sustainable Procurement strategies, policies and practices in your organisation. Following stakeholder workshops and a documentation review, we develop a Social & Sustainable Procurement Strategy that meets your unique organisational requirements.

This may include:

  • Reviewing your current organisational practices and your compliance with Modern Slavery and the ISO landscape
  • Developing Social procurement strategies, policies and frameworks
  • Undertaking an opportunity analysis or a review of your current documentation
  • Providing strategic advice on projects and tendering
  • Providing support to mobilise and embed social procurement programs
  • Providing support to engage with and develop your supply chain including SME’s, social or Indigenous suppliers.


For Project Directors, Buyers & Government agencies

 ​ArcBlue can support you through the Socialand Sustainable Procurement aspects of the planning, going to market, managing and monitoring phases of your major project. We can also embed an expert within your organisation. Our specialist Consultants can work with you to develop a strategy.

This may include:

  • Reviewing documentation and engagement with stakeholders to develop a Supply and Demand Analysis ​
  • Developing Targets to optimise the practical achievement of objectives ​
  • Establishing a governance advisory committee, including key Government and organisation representatives​
  • Developing a Roadmap to achieve targets​
  • Supplier Mobilisation, working with suppliers post contract award to establish effective service partnerships and delivery approaches​
  • Monitoring, reporting and reviewing progress, including the development and implementation of data and data visualisation dashboards​

Sustainable Procurement Maturity Diagnostic

Review how Sustainable Procurement principles are embedded and gain a Roadmap for future improvements

Our Sustainable Procurement Maturity Diagnostic assesses the maturity and effectiveness of policies and practices in the context of sustainability. Our standardised methodology assesses the maturity and effectiveness of your Sustainable Procurement policies and practices throughout your end-to-end procurement process (aligned to ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Standard) to identify gaps to be addressed. 

It is integrated into our standard Procurement Diagnostic as the ‘eighth dimension’ within our 9 Dimensions of Procurement Excellence model, or can be delivered independently.

We work with our clients to understand the current state in order to identify recommendations for the future, supported by a roadmap for improvement. Our team then gather information, assess the information against the Sustainable Procurement maturity assessment, then develop the findings into a structured recommendations report and business case including an implementation plan.

Need help to identify opportunities and focus your Social & Sustainable Procurement Strategy?

We support clients that need help in accelerating their Social or Sustainable Procurement journey though diagnostics, strategy development & implementation. We focus on the integration of sustainability principles into your end-to-end procurement processes.

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Supplier Portal Hub Design & Implementation

Wanting to increase engagement with local suppliers, this council partnered with ArcBlue to co-design and implement a Supplier Portal, utilising ArcBlue’s myBuy hub solution.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.

Savings & Opportunities

We were engaged to execute our Savings Accelerator methodology for a large retail wealth manager who was in the process of an org-wide transformation programme.

Procurement Diagnostic, Category Review​

ArcBlue provided in-house Category Management training to this client's sourcing professionals. We were also engaged to provide ongoing direct support to the category managers by coaching them through the category strategy development process.