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‘Inclusive economic development’ means growing the economy by ensuring that as many people as possible are included within the economy. ArcBlue’s Social & Sustainable Procurement Lead, Emily Synnott, explores the current labour force dynamics, and how Inclusive Employment practices can benefit individuals facing barriers to work, their communities, employers and the economy.

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The Cost of Time

Do you know what the cost of running out of time is for your procurement projects? Justin Sara & Fiona Nissen explain the cost of time in this article, and offer tips to avoiding the last minute procurement crunch.

Drive business benefits with analytics

We live in a data driven world, to the point where data-based decision making is now mainstream. Read how understanding how your business spends money using analytics can drive business change.

Mastering Remote Negotiations

Negotiating with suppliers can be daunting, and with the recent changes in the way we do business, it's becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand how to negotiate in a remote setting - either over the phone or on a video call. ArcBlue's Regional Director for New Zealand, Fiona Nissen, gives her tips on how to get the best out of a remote negotiation setting.

Create Opportunities with Social Procurement

The definition of "value" in New Zealand has now been extended to include social and sustainable outcomes. Managing Consultant Fiona Nissen discusses how organisations can become social procurement ready.

Top 10 Traps & Tips: Why Infrastructure Projects Fail

Time delays and millions of dollars can be wasted on infrastructure projects due to poor project planning, management and delivery practices. Infrastructure Lead, Shane Lamont offers his Top 10 Traps & Tips for why Infrastructure projects fail.

Top 10: Questions to ask when choosing a new eProcurement system

Often buyers don’t know where to start, there are myriad systems available and IT is not a common purchase for most. Read these tips to help you choose the right eProcurement system.

Are win-win negotiations really possible?

Procurement teams with highly developed negotiation skills deliver savings and improvements in efficiency and value. Managing Director Dan Fielding explores the concept of 'win-win'.

International Development Procurement: The Need for a Strategic Approach

Why is strategic procurement so important for International Development? Chris Gunn explores the current dynamics in this space.

Procurement’s role across the Asset Lifecycle

Shane Lamont, Executive Regional Manager for NSW explains how procurement can play a significant role in supporting infrastructure procurement across the asset lifecycle, and explores the different commercial & contracting options available.

Supporting public sector procurement

Executive Regional Manager Justin Sara explores the common key challenges faced by public sector procurement, and how ArcBlue works to address their needs.

Procurement, the game is changing

Managing Director Dan Fielding explores how procurement needs to change to adapt to a new business environment. Do we need to shift the thinking about the way procurement is operating?

Overcoming Social Procurement Challenges

Managing Director Chris Newman explains how Social procurement is emerging as a priority for both Government and industry, however the concept is often not well understood.