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“Many clients are under immense pressure from inflation and wage pressure, whilst still needing to invest in growth capability, and to meet regulatory obligations and also harden cyber security…” ArcBlue’s Director for Strategic Initiatives, Chris Hodgson, shares the top three challenges facing his clients in this economic climate and how businesses are addressing the current cost pressures. 

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De-Risking your Supply Chain

Recent occurrences such as geopolitical tensions, rising labour costs, trade disputes, COVID, increased import costs and shortages have highlighted the risks with relying too heavily on a sole supplier. ArcBlue's Keith Gauntlett, explores the challenges that come with the various supply chain de-risking strategies. 

Effective Procurement learning & development

Jacqui Priestly, Executive Manager for Capability, explains how we need to train our teams to deliver. The key objective for any learning & development program is a noticeable and sustainable change in behaviour or output.

Supporting public sector procurement

Executive Regional Manager Justin Sara explores the common key challenges faced by public sector procurement, and how ArcBlue works to address their needs.

Top 10 Traps & Tips: Why Infrastructure Projects Fail

Time delays and millions of dollars can be wasted on infrastructure projects due to poor project planning, management and delivery practices. Read our Top 10 Traps & Tips for why Infrastructure projects fail.

Spotlight on Modern Slavery

More than 40 million people worldwide are subject to modern slavery including 25 million victims hidden within global supply chains. Therefore, it is vital that businesses understand modern slavery risks and their procurers take action to combat this within their supply chains.

Emerging Hiring Trends in the Singapore Market

The COVID-19 'Circuit Breaker' in Singapore started in April 2020 and last for almost two months before it was lifted on 1st June. Here are our observations on the trends in the Singapore job market post the circuit breaker period...

Unlocking Value through Best Practice Hiring

In this video, Dympna Wong, Director for ArcBlue Search explores how a best practice approach to recruitment can assist organisations to get the most value out of their new procurement & supply chain hires, especially in this competitive talent-short market.

ProcureCon Asia 2023 Interview with Chris Hampden

ArcBlue's Director for Southeast Asia, Chris Hampden, spoke to the team at the ProcureCon Asia 2023 Conference about the services in-demand from our clients right now, the benefits of being a part of Bain & Company, and provided his tips for successful digital procurement implementations.

Enabling positive outcomes in council

Managing Consultant Fiona Nissen explains why having a robust procurement strategy that is aligned to your business strategy is key in enabling your council to deliver high quality community services. 

Top 10: Questions to Ask When Choosing A New eProcurement System

Often buyers don’t know where to start, there are myriad systems available and IT is not a common purchase for most. Read these tips to help you choose the right eProcurement system.

Top 10: Tips for Preparing Modern Slavery Act Statements

The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 came into force in Australia in 2019 to help organisations combat the serious issues relating to the 40 million victims of modern slavery around the world.

The Case For Sustainable Procurement: Generating value for people, planet and the bottom line

Read our whitepaper, produced in partnership with Supply Management Insider: The Case For Sustainable Procurement: generating value for people, planet and the bottom line - the risks, opportunities and challenges relating to sustainability, and why a collaborative supply chain is vital for the future.