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There is a growing realisation that companies have a far bigger role to play than simply pursuing growth and profitability at all cost. So how can Procurement drive the sustainability agenda in organisations? ArcBlue Director for SE Asia, Chris Hampden, offers his advice on how Procurement can approach ‘getting started’ with sustainability.

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Are win-win negotiations really possible?

Procurement teams with highly developed negotiation skills deliver savings and improvements in efficiency and value. Managing Director Dan Fielding explores the concept of 'win-win'.

Mastering Remote Negotiations

Negotiating with suppliers can be daunting, and with the recent changes in the way we do business, it's becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand how to negotiate in a remote setting - either over the phone or on a video call. ArcBlue's Regional Director for New Zealand, Fiona Nissen, gives her tips on how to get the best out of a remote negotiation setting.

Better outcomes with ArcBlue Search

ArcBlue Search Director Dympna Wong explains how ArcBlue Search provides superior Executive Search & Recruitment results to their clients in Asia with their team of industry veterans.

How can we make procurement more simple?

One of the common themes for procurement in today’s environment is how can we do our job simpler? Over the years procurement process, systems and policies have become more intensive with stringency across all components. ArcBlue's Director for New Zealand, Fiona Nissen, shares her top tips on how you can simplify your procurement.

Tips for Inclusive Employment Practices

We are experiencing a unique moment in the labour market where organisations really need to focus on being more inclusive, to bring untapped talent into the workforce. In this video, ArcBlue's Social & Sustainable Procurement Lead, Emily Synnott, provides tips for organisations who are keen to look at their Inclusive Employment practices, but aren't sure how to start.

Procurement, the game is changing

Managing Director Dan Fielding explores how procurement needs to change to adapt to a new business environment. Do we need to shift the thinking about the way procurement is operating?

Enabling positive outcomes in council

Managing Consultant Fiona Nissen explains why having a robust procurement strategy that is aligned to your business strategy is key in enabling your council to deliver high quality community services. 

Whitepaper: The Case For Sustainable Procurement

Read our whitepaper, produced in partnership with Supply Management Insider: The Case For Sustainable Procurement: generating value for people, planet and the bottom line - the risks, opportunities and challenges relating to sustainability, and why a collaborative supply chain is vital for the future.

Top 10: Tips for Successful Procurement Digitalisation 

Organisations are embarking on procurement digitalisation journeys to take processes and data online, providing their stakeholders with interactive tools and reports to support buying activities.

International Development Procurement: The Need for a Strategic Approach

Why is strategic procurement so important for International Development? Chris Gunn explores the current dynamics in this space.

Digital Procurement & Customer Centricity

Daniel Fielding, Managing Director, explores how digital procurement can enable better customer & supplier centricity, and how leading organisations are benefiting from an ecosystem approach to procurement digitisation.
ArcBlue Top 10 Love Procurement

Top 10: Reasons we love working in Procurement

If you are new to procurement or are looking to begin a career in this field, rest assured, you are stepping into a great profession! Read the ArcBlue Top 10 series list of the top reasons why we love working in procurement.