Health industry solutions for short-term and long-term success

Health industry solutions for short-term and long-term success

Achieving the procurement and supply needs of a healthcare organisation is a complex task. Healthcare procurement and supply functions are faced with several challenges that must be addressed in the processes used to meet the needs.​

To compound these challenges, healthcare procurement and supply functions typically have capacity constraints and struggle to retain their best talent. ​

We understand these issues and have the tools and experience to focus on pragmatic solutions that will bring benefit in the short-term as well as provide the foundation for long-term success.

Challenges leaders face in Health

Supply Disruption

Clinical Preferences

Retaining Capability

Lack of Management Data

Significant Compliance Requirements

Capacity Constraints

How we can help

We use our combined health procurement and supply chain expertise, combined with the ArcBlue suite of products to address key issues for our clients in health procurement.

  • Improving supply chain performance and addressing distruption


  • Improving inventory management and control​


  • Uplifting functional and organisational performance through procurement strategy development​


  • Delivering on environmental, social and governance business priorities through sustainable procurement and supply chain


  • Ensuring retention and development of staff, and organisational performance improvement through our learning and development programs​


  • Reducing cost and improving efficiency with our Rapid Savings Program

Need to deliver more through procurement & contracting?

ArcBlue is one of the Asia Pacific’s largest, dedicated procurement consultancies. Our public sector experts each have experience leading public sector procurement functions, and approach their work with passion, authenticity, innovation, accountability, and collaboration.  

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This Australian Healthcare facility embarked on a transformation of the Procurement function to enable the strategy, create efficiencies and to achieve increased value for money.