Savings Accelerator

Take cost out of your business fast

Take cost out of your business fast

Our Savings Accelerator is designed to identify and analyse opportunities to take immediate cost out of your business and drive sustainable benefits. We use structured methodology beginning with cleansing and categorising spend data and finishing with benefits realisation and reporting. We embed resources to work with your team identifying and cleansing data to create dashboards which visualise and prioritise procurement and opportunities. We then work with key stakeholder groups to validate the opportunity before creating a ‘wave plan’ to drive savings through the organisation.

Savings Accelerator delivers an average, Return on Investment of 10:1.

The Savings Accelerator Model


Using the ArcBlue Accelerator suite of tools and techniques, our experienced team can quickly cleanse, categorise and analyse your spend, working with your internal team to identify opportunities to take cost out of your organisation. ​

​We apply a range of metrics and benchmarks to identify initial hypotheses for cost saving opportunities and develop detailed strategies and implementation plans to show you where the opportunities are and how to go after them. ​

​We deeper dive into the identified opportunities to validate, develop savings ranges and design an implementation plan.

ArcBlue Savings Accelerator Diagram

Digitally Enabled Delivery

Programs are delivered through the ArcBlue mybuy hub – using modules to identify savings, manage savings and track savings delivery.

The mybuy hub ensures all stakeholders are actively involved and engaged throughout the process.

We use a proven, structured process to cleanse your data

ArcBlue Savings Accelerator

Need help to remove unnecessary costs from your business? 

ArcBlue uses a structured methodology to identify and analyse costs to drive sustainable benefits. Our savings program methodology delivers, on average, savings of between 15 – 30% on cost of goods and services. 

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Supplier Portal Hub Design & Implementation

Wanting to increase engagement with local suppliers, this council partnered with ArcBlue to co-design and implement a Supplier Portal, utilising ArcBlue’s myBuy hub solution.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.

Procurement capability assessment & transformation for a Healthcare organisation

This Australian Healthcare facility embarked on a transformation of the Procurement function to enable the strategy, create efficiencies and to achieve increased value for money.

Place-based Social Procurement Progam

We led the social procurement aspect of this social regional initiative to help businesses achieve social and local outcomes.