Category Strategy

Unlock real value through strategic Category Management

Strategic Category Management represents a significant opportunity for procurement teams to unlock real value.

In our experience, taking a holistic, cross-organisational approach to managing a category of spend can often be the key to taking step change in delivering value. Most organisations acknowledge the potential opportunity but struggle to implement the category management approach. ​

At ArcBlue, we are passionate about delivering value through a strategic approach to procurement – and category management is central to this philosophy. ​

To get the most value from Category Management, it is important that we deliver in the following areas: 

  • Clear process to guide teams to an agreed category strategy ​
  • Procurement acting as ‘internal consultants’ to facilitate the process ​
  • Fact based category analysis to drive decision making ​
  • Skilled practitioners following consistent methodology ​
  • Engaged stakeholders fully bought in to the concept and the resulting strategies

The ArcBlue CATalyst Program delivers an out-of-the-box toolkit to embed Category Strategies across your organisation:

Implementation Options

We can deliver CATalyst in two ways. Both options are designed to strengthen and coach participants to build best practice category strategies. 

Option 1: Set-up Only

Training and supporting your team to facilitate the CATalyst process 

ArcBlue will provide CATalyst training to the procurement team and licence the program methodology. 

This tailored training program will equip participants with advanced category strategy techniques, the ability to facilitate stakeholder workshops and generate and cultivate options. 

Option 2: Set-up plus facilitated process to embed learnings

ArcBlue consultant facilitates the process on behalf of the client working with internal team members

This option is a facilitated process that focuses on driving out the business needs and uses cross functional teams to deliver sustainable category opportunities. 

This approach works effectively with Business Units and ensures that Category Strategies are developed to be sustainable with genuine stakeholder buy-in. 

Experience the benefits of the ArcBlue CATalyst Program

  • Increased speed of developing category strategies
  • Alignment of category and corporate objectives
  • Genuine stakeholder buy-in
  • The ongoing delivery of value
  • Innovation encouraged through category strategy
  • A strategic context for local procurement decision-making

Need to deliver sustainable benefits through improved Category Management? 

The ArcBlue CATalyst Program is an agile method designed for procurement teams to facilitate stakeholders through the development of robust supply solutions and category strategies. ​

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Strategic Category Management

We were sought to support the university's move from a reactionary administrative function to a strategic category management model and help unlock value from its suppliers.

Fulfilment, Logistics and Supply Chain​

We were enrolled by Bain & Company to drive an end-to-end strategic sourcing process and to lock-in savings for a global FMCG distributor.

Category Strategy Implementation

We were engaged by the Properties & Facilities division to provide category strategy development for the Construction & Facilities Management Categories where there was historic resistance to change and the need for a coordinated approach.