Supporting public sector procurement

August 2022

Executive Regional Manager Justin Sara explores the common key challenges faced by public sector procurement, and how ArcBlue works to address their needs.


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Hi, I’m Justin Sara, ArcBlue’s National Public Sector Lead, and I work with public sector clients across Australia every day. We see the challenges the public sector agencies face in the procurement space. So that can be the compliance regimes that they have to work to, this requirement to live the value for money, public value in everything that they do from a procurement perspective, social considerations, environmental considerations, procurement is far more complex than it has ever been and we work with clients to work through that complexity and deliver excellent outcomes.

So we understand that for public sector procurement, value has a much broader definition than what you might see in the private sector. So we’re looking around things like benefits to the community, making sure that the procurement is delivering employment outcomes for disadvantaged communities, providing opportunities for Aboriginal businesses, making sure that small business is factored into the procurement processes the government delivers every day. So compliance is a real challenge for public sector agencies.

One of the things that we see day in, day out is organisations grappling with all of these processes, these procedures, and they want to make sure they’re delivering the best outcome that they can in line with those processes. So we like to work with clients within their frameworks, get to know their business, and because we work in public sector procurement every day, we understand that imperative around achieving compliance in procurement. So in today’s market, finding the right capability, procurement capability and contract management capability is harder than ever. So finding the right person to deliver that complex high-value procurement is a real challenge.

We work with agencies to both upskill their teams, but also to provide specialist resources to work within their teams to deliver those challenging projects. Good procurements don’t happen by accident. You need to make sure you’ve got the right people undertaking the right processes in order to deliver the right outcome for your agency. So within supply chains, making sure that we’re ethically sourcing the goods and services we need for government is a really important area of practice.

We work with clients to look at their supply chains to make sure the products that they’re using day in, day out are sourced ethically and appropriately, and that’s really important these days of increased transparency around public sector procurement. So reach out to us today for a conversation about how we can help you ease the pressure and support you to deliver on your commitment.