Skills Assessments

Measure and track your knowledge with ArcBlue Skills Assessments

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. 

Our Skills Assessments identify strengths and opportunities of teams and individuals. Organisations use them to determine the teams’ baseline of knowledge against an expected level of competence or target score, providing a gap analysis. The findings are then used to inform capability development initiatives following the 70:20:10 method of learning.

We have assessments designed specifically for procurement, contract management & supplier relationship management, and it can be tailored to any environment or sector. Using our Skills Assessments, we can benchmark capability across your location and sector.

Beginning any learning program with a skills assessment is an essential first step to inform learning and development initiatives.

Assessment Outputs:

  • The Group Report gives an overall view of your team’s baseline of knowledge
  • Interactive Dashboards display the group findings, allowing you to filter based on team, function or role levels
  • Individual reports give team members their results and recommendations for growth.

Add more depth to your results with semi-structured interviews

We recommend including semi-structured interviews as part of the assessment process. Interviews between our consultants and a selection of your team add more depth to the findings, identify key topic ‘champions’ who may become mentors, to augment the online results and find out how the competency is applied in a day to day sense.

We ask a range of questions which are designed to ‘deep dive’ into their knowledge on a particular competency which may help to uncover learning trends in your organisation e.g. A person may score very well on negotiation, but not have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice.

The findings of the interviews are included in a report and are taken into account in your Capability Development Roadmap.

How it works

  • Assess individuals and teams against a range of procurement competencies  ​
  • Get a comparison by sector, region, function and experience 
  • The survey comprises of multiple-choice questions and is conducted online  ​
  • Provides individual, team and group reporting 
  • Online Dashboards enable results to be filtered and analysed
  • Include semi-structured interviews to augment the survey results (optional)
  • Initiation & Communication

    We work with you to establish objectives, the target scores, and agree a communications plan

  • Assessments Completed

    The online assessment is released to your team. We monitor the process and issue reminders where needed.

  • Reports & Learning Plans

    Workshops are held to discuss the results and reports with Learning Plans are presented.

  • Learning Programs Initiated

    A structured learning program is completed to build skills, confidence and competence.

  • Track & Reassess

    On-the-job progress is tracked by Managers and the assessment is repeated after 12 months to view progress & plan for new learning.


Our Skills Assessments measure against the ArcBlue Competency Framework

The competency framework has been developed and refined to capture the technical and soft skills required for effective procurement and contract management.  

Need to find a way to help your team work better together?

We use Lumina Spark Personality profiling to help your team understand their own – and their team mates – personality traits better, so they can work together more effectively.

Conducted online, the tool uses 144 questions which measure 8 personality traits with 24 qualities. Unlike other personality tools, it doesn’t just classify you as ‘Introvert’ or ‘Extrovert’, as we can be an equal measure of each – depending on the situation. Lumina Spark measures 3 personas – looking at your most private, everyday, over-extended self.

Use our Interactive Application to always have your own report on hand and measure yourself against others. When you assess a team of individuals, you can layer their personalities within the App to enhance communication.

Need to understand your baseline of procurement skills?

ArcBlue’s Skills Assessments are the first step to uplifting procurement and contract management capability in your business. Understand your team’s strengths and development areas to enable you to design a fit-for-purpose learning program.

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Procurement & SRM Capability Development

We were engaged to deploy a pQ and smQ online assessment to support the capability gap across procurement and supplier relationship management for a financial institution.

Outsourced Managed Service Procurement Provider

We worked with an Australian Council to plan and deliver their annual procurement program.

eProcurement System Sourcing & Training

We supported an Australian water utility to select a new technology system and helped to build the skills base of their team.

Contract Management Training for Local Government

We worked with a local council to develop a training package which tailored leading practice in end to end procurement.