System Implementation

Digital Procurement Implementation supported by change management

We focus on the technology being supported by robust project management, change management and tailored e-procurement process management.

ArcBlue’s Procurement Technology Implementation Team is committed to:​

  • Providing expertise in Procurement Technology and a deep knowledge of the systems we support​
  • Successfully aligning Business objectives, technology and user requirements​
  • Bringing a tailored approach for a fit-for-purpose solution​
  • Integrating expertise in change management and project management with the implementation of technology solutions ​
  • Achieving successful IT & business transformations​.

Our view on digital implementation projects

The key to a successful digital transformation is with people – not just in training people, but in achieving ownership of your digital transformation across the entire organisation, and procurement is no different.​

The digital transformation of your procurement will support improving the way that your entire organisation operates. By understanding your digital journey, refining your processes to suit automation, bringing your key stakeholders on the journey, and planning out your roadmap, you can develop a successful pathway to ensure procurement is more efficient, more effective, and more user friendly. Your digital procurement journey can save time and money.

The challenge of implementing such technology is not really to do with the technology itself but more often to do with change management. In order to successfully implement digital procurement technology, businesses need to focus on the people and processes involved in such a transformation.

About 70% of digital transformations fail because of a focus on technology and not on the needs of the organisation and people. If you can wrap this into an Agile approach – you will be able to realise the investment at a faster pace across the entire organisation.

Our Approach

Change Management

Capture all stakeholders, understand the impacts of the change across the organisation, and develop support mechanisms for the rollout of the solution.​​

Solutions Design

ArcBlue conducts a series of face-to-face workshops to understand the current state and designs a tailored solution.


Based on the solution design, ArcBlue remotely configures the backend of the system, modifying it to meet client requirements.​​

Stakeholder Reviews

Once the configuration has been completed, ArcBlue conducts two of face-to-face workshops, allowing for users to experience the system. 


The configured system is then extended to a larger group to conduct User Acceptance Testing, looking at all the functionality and signing off on the functional specifications that were captured in the Solutions Design stage.​​

Formal Signoff

Once the UAT is completed successfully, the solution undergoes a formal signoff from leadership.​​


When the solution is formally signed off, we begin the rollout of system training, ensuring change management is done to a high standard.​

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