Capability Programme

ArcBlue was engaged by this food & hospitality procurement group involving:

– Uplift capability

– Annual eLearning modules

– Annual capability building workshops

This food and hospitality procurement group wanted to build a capability plan that was impactful, sustainable and easy to roll out across their diverse team. The procurement function is made up of several team members spread across Australia.​

They were looking for a consulting partner to:​

  • Uplift capability of the team through face-to-face training​
  • Tailor appropriate material to align with their internal requirements​
  • Host eLearning, on demand modules which were accessible for all team members

ArcBlue designed a learning program which met their requirements which included:​

  • 2-day contract management and contract law​
  • 2-day Advanced Negotiation including a video role play
  • 2-day Supplier Relationship Management​
  • Access to the full suite of eLearning modules with an annual subscription renewal
  • Annual capability building workshop

​As a result:

  • The team consume the eLearning modules annually
  • The annual workshops have been used to identify further gaps in training and to refine the program over time​.

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Our programs can operate independently or as a combined program. We build the capability of your team using the 70:20:10 methodology, which states that 70% of the learning you do is on the job, 20% through mentoring and only 10% through formal training.

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