Analytics & Procurement Dashboards

Gain valuable insights through clear spend data

We live in a data driven world with huge volumes of information amassed every day. ArcBlue Analytics is a ‘best-in-class’ spend analytics tool which will transform your procurement function.

We have developed powerful and intuitive Procurement Dashboards which can draw data from multiple sources, that are easy to set-up at the fraction of the cost of a full time analytics resource. The core software has been designed by world-renowned computer graphics scholars who are passionate about the power of visualising data.

ArcBlue has a proven track record in supporting hundreds of clients to gain valuable insights through procurement analytics and powerful data dashboards.

$ 25 billion
in spend under analysis
ArcBlue Analytics dashboard users
4 million
invoices inputted

Access your Dashboards online which means minimal implementation effort and no impact on your own IT resources or infrastructure

The dashboards have been specifically designed by procurement professionals and visualisation experts to enable the a range of benefits that have been enjoyed by over 200 organisations. ArcBlue Dashboards can be fully tailored to your requirements.

Through procurement analytics you can:

  • Identify savings and efficiency gains
  • Enable informed decision making
  • Demonstrate value procurement value
  • Communicate performance to key stakeholders
  • Highlight of opportunities for business improvements
  • Identify social and regional economic development opportunities
  • Monitor and audit of compliance with contracts and policies


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