Matthew EvansAssociate Analyst

Meet the team

Matt holds a Double Degree in Commerce and Business Analytics with a major in Accounting from Deakin University, underscoring his strong educational foundation. He serves as a dedicated Associate Analyst at ArcBlue. In his role, Matt is instrumental in managing and supporting the development and delivery of data analytics projects spanning various sectors, including State and Local Government, Universities, and Private sectors.

Matt’s expertise spans data extraction, cleansing, and supplier categorisation, using tools like Alteryx and Python. He leverages advanced AI techniques for effective supplier normalisation. Proficient in dashboard design and development, Matt significantly contributes to successful spend and opportunity analysis projects.

Key to Matt’s role is fostering strong client relationships. He possesses excellent communication and presentation skills, creating, participating, engaging, and facilitating effective presentations. He is adept at identifying potential client relationship issues and is skilled at managing client service expectations.

With a diverse skill set encompassing Tableau, Alteryx, Python, SQL database management, and advanced AI techniques for supplier normalisation, Matt is an invaluable asset to ArcBlue, consistently delivering value and excellence in data analytics.


  • Melbourne Office