Embedding learning through practical application

Embedding learning through structured practical coaching sessions

ArcBlue Coaching is a market leading initiative aimed at building capability targeting the ‘70%’ of the 70/20/10 learning methodology – experiential learning.​​

Practical Coaching consists of a series of workshops dedicated to a specific topic (such as negotiation), aimed at hard coding knowledge through application, coaching and reviewing. Using the team’s real-life work product (such as a negotiation plan), the coaching sessions are aimed at strengthening and accelerating the way the learner undertakes their work. Practical Coaching can be used 1:1 or in groups.​​

ArcBlue can either train internal champions or run the sessions. Practical Coaching always follows a full training course, so all participants are on the same level of knowledge. ​

The sessions are set up as a safe place for learners to grow, make mistakes and build confidence. We can facilitate them 1:1 or in groups. The groups allow participants to learn from each other’s scenarios.​


Coaching sessions use a combination of:​

  • Facilitated discussion​​
  • Questioning techniques​​
  • Role plays

How it Works

There are two typical scenarios for ArcBlue coaching: Topic-based and project-based coaching

We can tailor our approach to meet your requirements​

Topic-Based Coaching​

Program Launch​

The team attends a formal training session​.

Day-to-day Work​

The team apply their new skills to their daily work​.

Group Coaching Workshops​

The team attend regular group coaching sessions, bringing something relevant they’re working on for a facilitated discussion with the group.

Project-Based Coaching​

Program Launch​

The team is assigned a project with agreed expectations, timing, roles & objectives.​

Day-to-day Delivery​

The team work together to deliver the project alongside an internal SME.​

ArcBlue SME Coaching​

The ArcBlue Coach checks in regularly with the internal SME on the project team’s progress. This can be on-demand support or scheduled check-ins. 

Need to ensure your team’s learning is fully embedded?​

ArcBlue’s structured coaching sessions ensure that your team’s new skills are being embedded into their day-to-day work practices with a supportive and constructive coaching process.

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