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Anna has 18 years of experience in China sourcing, supply chain and logistics management for multiple industrial and commercial products. She has a proven track record of managing complex supply bases and driving continuous improvement with contract manufactures to achieve cost, quality and schedule goals.

Anna has supported European manufacturers in implementing risk management and mitigation strategies to ensure continuity of supply across their contract manufacturing base. She has extensive experience in procurement leadership, sourcing strategy development, supplier evaluation and development, performance management, costing analysis, cost management, total cost of ownership, supplier relationship management, supplier quality management, negotiations and new product development. Anna has excellent knowledge and experience in due diligence and compliance requirements in relation to procurement and supply chain function.

Successfully joined and completed due diligence projects of PE on suppliers of investment target and several cost saving projects and as a team member consultant worked on with ArcBlue and Bain team.

She has strong communication skills and solid problem-solving ability. She is a self-starter and adaptive person, a good team player and is able to work in a complex, multi-cultural work environment. Her track record in procurement, supply chain as well as compliance have enabled her to bring valuable insights into the companies for delivering solid outcomes and returns.

Anna is known for her enthusiastic, passionate approach to trying new ideas, an open mindset and a deep desire for learning, accompanied by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Anna holds an English Bachelors degree obtained from the Sichuan International Study University.


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