Aaron SobeyManager, Analytics

Meet the team

Aaron Sobey is a statistician with a background in procurement. He has a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics and Statistics) and a Bachelor of Information Technology (Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence).

He has analysed and identified insights in a wide range of data sets from diverse industries.  Aaron has extensive experience in public sector procurement through 10 years of working with the Queensland Government Public sector.

Aaron is an experienced analyst, having previously lead a team of data analysts in undertaking research and analysis in market and industry conditions, procurement development and best practice procurement. He provides detailed supply market, commodity and transactional analysis to inform procurement decision making and reporting.

He is experienced in developing statistical models for predictive analysis, risk mitigation and opportunity analysis for a range of public and private sector clients.

Aaron has a passion for data visualisation and data democratisation.  He specialises in identifying patterns and exceptions in big data and presenting this to clients in an intuitive and actionable manner.


  • Singapore Office
  • aaron.sobey@arcblue.com.au

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