Fiona NissenDirector, New Zealand

Meet the team

Fiona is a passionate procurement specialist who has broad experience across government, state-owned enterprise, construction & building products, services, travel, utilities and corporate procurement environments.

She offers an experience-driven perspective and is committed to ensuring capability and value delivery is enhanced in the organisations she works with.

Her experience spans procurement management & strategy, supplier relationship management, governance, P2P system implementation, category management and programme management.

With a strong relationship management background, she has proven her ability to enhance relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Fiona applies her analytical approach to identify opportunities for efficiency through structured change programmes. 
An avid promoter of the procurement profession, Fiona enjoys developing procurement teams’ skills in order to ensure longevity in the benefits she delivers.

She was awarded FCIPS by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply in 2016 and holds a Diploma in Management from the New Zealand Institute of Management.

Passionate about procurement; committed to sharing my experience-driven knowledge to ensure capability and value delivery is enhanced.


  • New Zealand Office
  • +64 20 4173 6688 

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