Jaswinder Singh ChhabraAssociate Analyst

Meet the team

Jaswin has a double degree in Business and Information Technology Majoring in Finance and Software Development. He has experience working in a range of different roles across multiple sectors such as Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence and has worked as an Analyst in these industries primarily focusing on targeted advertising and Infrastructure for IoT using AI.

Jaswin’s skillset covers building data models, client management and category management. He has experience connecting clients to data and giving meaning to the data they provide him with.

At Arcblue, Jaswin focuses on creating data models while helping clients visualize their Spend. He focuses on maintaining client relationships and ensures that Clients’ data needs are met across local Governments and private partners.

Jaswin holds a double degree from Monash University, Melbourne. He has recently graduated in 2023 and is motivated to enhance procurement for clients in multiple industries across multiple regions around Australia and the world.


  • Melbourne Office
  • jaswinder.chhabra@arcblue.com.au