Julia PanManaging Consultant

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Julia is a highly experienced professional managing consultant with 20 years of experience working for multinational companies, with expertise in business strategy and operation management consulting projects. Adept at end to end strategy implementation and enterprise transformation, with a proven track record of delivering results within strict deadline, cost allocations, and exceptional qualify, while maintaining operational integrity and professionalism, across a wide range of industry groups, which includes Retail, FMCG, Grid Power, Paper Manufacture, Auto and Financial Service Industry. 

In the more than 30 consulting projects she has led, she has experience in procurement end to end solutions including global sourcing and procurement strategy formulation and operation optimization, at both consulting firms and industry cooperations. She supported a procurement transformation program that led to sustainable 8% year on year savings benefit for the organization. In addition Julia has supported merchandiser strategy development and supply market analysis for new market entries. 

In her professional advisory capacities she has helped numerous clients with strategy formulation, pre & post m&A transformation, overseas investment strategy, financial management, digital strategy with RPA products and transformations. Julia has also developed and implemented a customer–centric sales improvement program which achieved an overall 40 million growth in sales; Conducted both a 5-year strategy and 1-year strategy review and adjustment; Led comprehensive budget management for overall business budget and  a BD CAPEX investment budget; Enabled improved sales performance and company value propositions by innovating a new business model, which completed and connected the company’s value chain, realising the full value and benefit in the end to end supply chain.  

Julia holds degrees in both Accounting & Veterinary Medicine from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Procurement and Sales are the two most critical determinants of the business profession, and helping customers manage the key elements of their business is the most direct way to assist them in achieving their strategic goals. This not only gives me a sense of accomplishment but also brings a lot of fun to my work


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