How to get the most impact out of your procurement training

April 2023

We’re often asked by organizations how they can get the most impact our of their procurement training sessions. ArcBlue’s Director for Learning & Development sat down for a chat to share her tips on getting the most out of training, and the training options offered at ArcBlue.


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[Graphic] – How can you get the most of of your training? 

We get asked by organizations quote frequently how to really make sure that training is impactful, and we couldn’t have all of the trainers here today, so I got them to all send me some notes.

[Graphic] – Case Studies

So the first thing that the trainers said was case studies. So wherever possible, bringing the content to life through a case study really relates it back to their specific challenges that they’ve got at work and makes it much more relatable.

[Graphic] – Class Participation

Another thing is hearing from everybody in the group, not just from the trainers. So you’ll find there’s always a fair bit of content that you need to get through, but you don’t want to listen to the same person the whole time. So having people jump in and share their experiences and their stories and what did they feel about this specific topic? It helps to create fresh thinking and keep the room alive.

[Graphic] – Activities & Games

Also, making sure that wherever you can, you’re doing lots of activities and games, and trying to make it a bit competitive, and gamification is super fun.

[Graphic] – Break people into smaller groups

Breaking people out into groups wherever possible.

[Graphic] – Learning Action Plan

but also making sure you’re sending people home with a real action plan, what are they going to go and do differently when they get back to their desks?


We’re seeing a real demand from training for both individuals and from Managers at the moment. So we run an open training program and individuals can register for that online. And that means that they’re taking a bit of initiative for themselves and pushing for their own development, which is exciting.

Our training is going bananas! Because we’ve never had so many people coming through our open training and it’s great – we’re selling out a lot of courses and it’s good to have a lot of people in the training sessions because they really vibe off each other. So that’s been working really well and the open training means that anyone can register, so you don’t need your Manager to pay for it. You just need the time off to attend, and you come along and get the training that way. So individuals are driving that.

And we’re also seeing from Managers, a lot of in-company training. In-company is good because you can do a bit more contextualization. It’s just for that group so we can make sure it’s really relevant. The content is relevant for that specific sector, company, whatever it is. And also we can do it face-to-face, which is nice – to be back in the classroom!