About ArcBlue - a specialist procurement consulting firm, part of Bain & Company

August 2022

Managing Directors Chris Newman and Dan Fielding discuss how ArcBlue, now a part of Bain & Company, made their mission to deliver positive change through procurement and supply chain and how ArcBlue supports clients to deliver better results across the full procurement lifecycle.




Hi, I’m Chris Newman, and I’m Dan Fielding, and we’re the managing directors of ArcBlue, part of Bain & Company. We started ArcBlue and Asia Pacific with the mission to deliver positive change through procurement and supply chain. And since 2013, we’ve been working with our clients to support them to deliver better results across the full procurement lifecycle.

Procurement and supply chain is more important now than ever before. There’s a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the value that procurement can bring, to look at procurement differently and position the function to drive real competitive advantage through the development and better management of supply chains.

Our approach has been simple. As consultants, we all come from industry, so we understand the challenges that organizations are facing and are passionate about the value that we can offer. Across our business, we have deep expertise in almost every facet of procurement and across multiple categories and sectors. Our team have worked with numerous technologies, methodologies and frameworks giving us unparalleled insight into what really drives procurement success.

Our practical approach has seen ArcBlue grow rapidly into the business we are today. We’ve grown not only in our team size, but also in our breadth of offering and our regional footprint, which teams located throughout Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region. We have a powerful vision for what procurement and supply chain can be. We see it as a driver for global change, from reducing our carbon footprint to delivering opportunities for indigenous communities and developing countries.

Our solutions support clients to deliver more for their organization, whether that be more value, more savings, more capability, or more influence with our stakeholders and suppliers. At ArcBlue we’re a people business and we handpick each of our consultants to ensure they share our vision for the future of procurement and supply chain and for fostering positive and collaborative client relationships.

As an organization, we have a strong set of values that drives our internal relationships and our client relationships. These include being authentic above all else, working with passion, embracing innovation, being accountable for our work, and encouraging collaboration. And now, as an independent business that forms part of Bain and Company, we look forward to continuing to build positive client relationships that enable us to fully harness the potential that procurement and supply chain have to deliver positive change and commercial success across any organization.

We’re so pleased to be part of an organization of over 13,000 employees across 38 countries with a 50 year history of providing premium strategic consulting services to some of the world’s top brands. And personally, we’re so excited to see how the ArcBlue business evolves. With the support of Bain expanding further across the Asia Pacific region. So why not reach out to see how we can support your business and unleash the power of procurement?