Procurement Strategy for a Building Construction Project

Background: This Australian university undertook a 4 stage delivery construction project and engaged ArcBlue at stage 2 for the development and delivery of a procurement strategy.


Service: Advisory & Change – Procurement Strategy; Infrastructure Procurement


The development of the university campus provided a full-service, community-focused higher education environment through implementing a staged delivery process:

  • Stage 1 – Foundation Building design, development and construction
  • Stage 2 – Expansion to accommodate local growth
  • Stage 3 – Expansion of the campus to attract research capabilities and international students
  • Stage 4 – Achievement of full-service campus environment with a balanced research and teaching portfolio.

This university engaged ArcBlue to lead the Stage 2 facility procurement strategy development and delivery that identified a Design Finalisation & Construct (DF&C) contract. This was their provisionally preferred contracting model before full design finalisation was achieved.


ArcBlue was required to lead and provide the following deliverable:

  • Project procurement strategy, delivery plan, and probity plan
  • RFP Phase documentation, evaluation and negotiation
  • DF&C contract, commercial structures and collaboration model.

Infrastructure Procurement Case Study