Social Procurement

Our mission is to drive positive change through procurement

One of our key areas of passion and expertise is social procurement.​

We are thought leaders and expert practitioners in this space, with the unique position of working across the social procurement ecosystem to deliver real and sustainable impact. We leverage our globally leading consulting, training and analytics practices and our expert team into our social procurement services to support our clients across all layers of government, the private sector, not-for-profits, Indigenous businesses and social enterprises.

We are passionate about developing ecosystems to make social procurement policies work on the ground. Within the context of our social procurement projects we use our specialist knowledge of procurement frameworks and markets to support social enterprises – helping them to grow and develop their markets. ArcBlue has expertise and extensive experience delivering projects encompassing the full spectrum of Social procurement practices, including:

  • Diversity & Inclusive Employment
  • Economic Development
  • Modern Slavery & Human Rights
  • Indigenous Employment & Procurement
  • Health & Safety

We engage with organisations in 3 distinct ways


We work with private and public sector organisations at all levels, supporting them in delivering holistic approaches to achieving social, environmental and economic outcomes.


We design and deliver place-based collaborative programs to drive local economic development and address disadvantage through local and social procurement and inclusive employment.


We work with private and public sector organisations who are delivering major projects to implement practices to actively target, support, grow and measure inclusive employment, and local and social procurement outcomes.

Social Procurement Solutions

Strategy, Frameworks & Policy

Social Procurement Strategy, Frameworks & Policy

Identify opportunities and focus your organisation’s social procurement roadmap


We bring together the outcomes of stakeholder workshops and a documentation review to develop a Social & Sustainable Procurement Strategy that meets organisational requirements while delivering public value.

  • Review your current organisational practices and your compliance with Modern Slavery and the ISO landscape
  • Develop Social procurement strategies, policies and frameworks
  • Undertake an Opportunity analysis or a review of your current documentation
  • Get strategic advice on projects and tendering
  • Get support to mobilise and embed social procurement programs
  • Get help to engage with and develop your supply chain including SME’s, social or Indigenous suppliers.
Social Procurement Analytics

Social Procurement Analytics

Visualise your impact with Social Procurement Dashboards


ArcBlue has a team of specialist procurement analysts to take raw data and provide visibility and insights to organisations, delivered through best-in-class visualisation software. Create meaningful models to set targets, track progress and report on social procurement activities.

What we do:

  • Data collection
  • Social & Sustainable impact dashboards
  • Economic modelling
  • Measurement model development
Capability Development

Capability Development

Uplift your team’s Social Procurement capability, knowledge and skills and enable them to better deliver social outcomes


We work with organisations to understand their objectives and desired learning outcomes, then align our training modules into a comprehensive and practical course to meet their specific requirements and deliver training through a blended approach to reach different learning styles. Our Social Procurement capability development covers:

  • Leadership development & engagement
  • Economic development training
  • Modern Slavery training
  • Guidance material development
  • Indigenous procurement & cultural awareness training
  • Social Procurement & Inclusive employment training
  • Organisational capability assessments.
Place-based Programs

Place-based Programs

Drive local economic development and address disadvantage


ArcBlue has extensive experience in the design and delivery of place-based partnership programs. Using our unique and deep expertise in this space, we drive local economic development and address disadvantage through local and social procurement and inclusive employment. Key objectives of these programs include:

  • Maximising the impact of local spend on job creation and regional economic development
  • Delivering jobs for target communities through social procurement.


Some current Place-based Programs include:

GROW – Growing Regional Opportunities for Work

GROW is a collaborative program that seeks to strengthen regional social and economic outcomes and increase job opportunities through procurement and employment. We are currently supporting the following GROW programs across several regions in Australia including Geelong, Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton. 

Broadening Horizons

ArcBlue is proud to support the Broadening Horizons program, an innovative educational model designed to build the aspirations of young people and support increased engagement in learning. Broadening Horizons operates across the Gippsland Region of Victoria, and equips students from grades 5 – 9 with the skills and dispositions needed for a changing 21st century economy through real world learning. 

Need to drive positive change with Social Procurement?

ArcBlue leverages our globally leading consulting, training and analytics practices and our expert team into our social procurement services to support our clients across all layers of government, the private sector, not-for-profits, Indigenous businesses and social enterprises.

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Workforce & Skills Development Review

We were engaged to undertake a Workforce & Skills Development Review for a government organisation in New Zealand.

Social Procurement and Workforce ​Development​

We developed a Social Procurement and Workforce Development Strategy on behalf of a state government project in NSW.

Social Impact Measurement & Analytics

We worked with a state government department to enhance their reporting capabilities through our procurement Dashboards.

Risk Governance Management

We were engaged in order to understand what due diligence was in place for the client's supply chain and how it was being applied.