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Unlock more potential from your team with ArcBlue blended learning solutions

At ArcBlue, we believe focused capability development will shape resilient procurement teams of the future. 

Assess & uplift skills with our Skills Assessments, our range of eLearning modules and our huge suite of specialised procurement & contract management Training Courses.

ArcBlue learning & development programs build skills in a modular, practical way to embed learning and accelerate behavioural change. Our programs can operate independently or as a combined program. We build the capability of your team using the 70:20:10 methodology, which states that 70% of the learning you do is on the job, 20% through mentoring and only 10% through formal training.

Our learning and development services target procurement, contract management, supply chain and commercial management.

Our view on building procurement capability

We believe…

Organisations increasingly rely on procurement teams to sustain their operations, and both the profile of procurement and the importance of the function have been lifted. 

To ensure business agility and resilience in the face of disruption, organisations need to focus on long-term programs of continuous learning to build and retain procurement talent. 

To do this we need…        

  • Agile and resilient procurement teams
  • Lower turnover, better retention and easier attraction in the procurement function
  • More capable leaders with well-rounded skills
  • Better stakeholder relationships with internal customers & suppliers
  • Improved compliance to processes
  • Reduced risk
  • More innovative approaches working alongside suppliers
  • Better understanding of spend patterns
  • Improved negotiations

Procurement Learning & Development Solutions

Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments

Measure and track your knowledge with ArcBlue Skills Assessments – your launchpad for learning


ArcBlue Skills Assessments are used to identify the strengths and development opportunities of teams and individuals. We have assessments designed specifically for procurement, contract management & supplier relationship management. Organisations use the assessment to determine their teams’ baseline of knowledge, target training and development investment, and measure improvement over time.



Embedding learning through practical application


ArcBlue Practical Coaching is a market leading initiative aimed at building capability targeting the ‘70%’ of the 70/20/10 learning methodology – experiential learning.​​

Practical Coaching consists of a series of workshops dedicated to a specific topic (such as negotiation), aimed at hard coding knowledge through application, coaching and reviewing. Using the team’s real-life work product (such as a negotiation plan), the coaching sessions are aimed at strengthening and accelerating the way the learner undertakes their work. Practical Coaching can be used 1:1 or in groups.​​

Training Courses

Training Courses

Active learning for effective behavioural change


ArcBlue offers training courses across a broad and growing range of contemporary topics in line with our Competency Framework.

Our workshops deliver real value by being practical, thought provoking, challenging and fun, combining content delivery with interactive activities and facilitated discussions.

We believe that ”active learning” is the most effective way to drive effective behavioural change.

All of our workshops are centred on the delegates, and we ask our delegates to bring with them live examples from their workplace to discuss during the event. We offer two formats for training courses: In-company training for teams, and Open Training workshops for individuals.



A comprehensive suite of interactive self-guided online learning modules to provide quick and efficient learning & refreshers


eLearning offers a ‘right now’ approach to delivering cost-effective training. Learners can experience bite-sized modules from their computers or laptops, easily fitting into their daily work schedule. ArcBlue offers a comprehensive suite of eLearning across the end to end procurement life-cycle. With inhouse design and development capability, we can fully tailor, contextualise or brand your eLearning solution, allowing you to target a specific message and reach a broad audience using a consistent message.

Procurement University

Procurement University

Embedding sustainable talent growth through blended learning


Procurement University offers a forward-thinking approach to long-term talent growth through a customised blended learning program that meets your team’s needs.

Our primary goal is to establish a successful procurement function for your organisation, both now and in the future. We ensure that skills are developed in a way that guides your team from early career to leadership positions. Investing in learning and development plays a critical role in attracting and retaining talent.

For learners, the advantages are tangible. They gain a structured and measurable knowledge foundation that informs their learning journey, along with a personalised learning program designed to help them achieve their career aspirations.

Our Learning & Development solutions are built to improve the core competencies required for highly functioning procurement teams

The competency framework has been developed and refined to capture the technical and soft skills required for effective procurement and contract management.  

Make learning simple with the Digital Academy

The Digital Academy provides simple, secure access to tools, templates, online learning, videos and supporting materials.

The Digital Academy is designed to facilitate learners to take a long-term approach to their professional development, tracking their development and create a hub of learning resources to check back into as they need them over time, encouraging a continuous learning mindset. It uses a variety of interactive and engaging tools to help learners stay engaged and motivated including videos, animations, quizzes, discussion forums, and activities.

Want to uplift your procurement team’s skills? 

ArcBlue learning & development programs build skills in a modular, practical way to embed learning and accelerate behavioural change. We believe focused capability development will shape resilient procurement teams of the future. 

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