“The core of procurement is not to purchase the cheapest products, but to maximize the medium and long-term profits for the enterprise as a whole.”

Get to know Anna Deng, Consultant for China

How did you end up here? What is your professional background? 

A friend of mine, who also works in ArcBlue, introduced me to this big family.

I have 18 years of experience in China sourcing, supply chain and logistics management for multiple industrial and commercial products, with a strong focus on strategic sourcing and contract manufacturing.

Key category expertise: Merchandise and Equipment.

I have supported European manufacturers in implementing risk management and mitigation strategies to ensure continuity of supply across their contract manufacturing base.

I have a proven track record of managing complex supply bases and driving continuous improvement with contract manufacturers to achieve cost, quality and schedule goals; A broad industry experience covering industrial fixtures & fittings, electronics, lighting & appliances.

I have extensive experience in procurement leadership, sourcing strategy development, supplier evaluation and development, performance management, costing analysis, cost management, total cost of ownership, supplier relationship management, supplier quality management, negotiations, and new product development.

I have excellent knowledge of due diligence and compliance requirements in relation to procurement and supply chain functions.


How do you spend most of your days?

Most of my time is spent working and accompanying my family and friends. Especially when my little angel, my daughter arrives, I spend more time to accompany her growth.


What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently preparing to participate in a challenging project and run my own import and export trading company.


What trends do you see in your work?

During my work, I saw that the current global economy is terrible, and the global supply chain is also facing an unprecedented severe situation, which also brings us more opportunities. More companies are faced with various problems of cost reduction and supply chain, which require us to solve these problems for them in a professional way.


What do you enjoy about working in consulting? 

I like consulting because I enjoy working with the best people; I like teamwork, enjoy the process of brainstorming and learning new and better knowledge and skills from my colleagues at any time; I like the state and atmosphere of learning all the time; Like to do valuable things that can bring value to customers.

Consulting work is very challenging. The triple combination of EQ, IQ and hard work can make you a leader in this field. If the constant challenge is the joy of life for you, consulting is a good choice. In the consulting industry, you are working with the most excellent people. What I see and learn every day is the most insightful and intelligent speech in all industries.


What do you love best about procurement?

What I love best about procurement is the cost reduction plan that can bring the highest cost performance for an enterprise.


What is the one thing you wish everyone would understand about procurement?

As for procurement, I hope everyone can understand that the core is not to purchase the cheapest products, but to maximize the medium and long-term profits for the enterprise as a whole.


What are you currently trying to upskill in?

I‘m currently trying to upskill in digital skills to Ensure Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains.


How long have you been at ArcBlue? What made you join us?  

I have been with Arcblue for more than two years. The working atmosphere and professional colleagues of ArcBlue made me join this big family.


What project has been the most fun / the meatiest to work on at ArcBlue?

The project that has been the most fun / the meatiest to work on at ArcBlue is the due diligence review of six contract manufacturer sites in China for an electronics and lifestyle startup in India. After finishing this project, they raised $100 million in a new financing round that many independent investors termed as the most successful hardware startup story to date in the world’s second-largest internet market.


What’s the reason you love to work at ArcBlue?  

I enjoy working in ArcBlue not only because there is a very good working atmosphere and professional colleagues here, but also because I can constantly learn and improve myself.


What can we normally find you doing on the weekend?  

When I am on vacation, I prefer to get close to nature and play with small animals with my daughter. I also like to listen to music and see musicals.


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