Procurement Framework Review & Documentation Development for a Water Utility

This Australian water utility provides water and wastewater to over 120,000 properties in 54 towns and cities. 

The Australian water utility organisation required a complete review of its existing procurement procedures and policies. The challenges they faced included:

  • Inconsistent documentation;
  • Unclear procurement framework; and
  • Unstructured process.

ArcBlue consultants collaborated with key stakeholders and discussed the best way to reinvent their procedures.

ArcBlue took the approach to simplify and streamline procurement. To do this, we: 

  • Held meetings with senior managers to determine the organisational direction and how procurement needed to look to support this;
  • Conducted workshops with key stakeholders to find what worked and what didn’t;
  • Reviewed existing documentation;
  • Drafted a new set of documents;
  • Drafted process maps;
  • Developed training material; and
  • Trained the key stakeholder groups.

ArcBlue successfully delivered the program on time and:

  • The refined procurement framework was clear, consistent, and understood by all stakeholders in the organisation;
  • We received very positive feedback from stakeholder groups; and
  • Compliance with the new procurement framework was significant. 

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