Procurement Framework Review & Capability Development

The procurement governance practice of this financial institution is spread across 30+ countries. Commencing in 2015, this company implemented a new Procurement Framework which was applicable to all new investment projects. The Procurement Framework provided information, processes, and tools on the use of procurement methods and arrangements that will best fit the purpose of the project.

ArcBlue was selected to support the implementation of the Procurement Framework. The key elements of the work that we have provided are summarised as:

  • Review of the new Procurement Framework and support with the development of guidance material and templates
  • Assessment of over 250 individuals’ capability using our online competency assessment
  • Provision of face-to-face training to over 250 employees.

The training and eLearning were tailored to meet the company’s processes and ways of working. It included the design and delivery of a 5-day program focusing on Value for Money and the application of the new Framework to over 250 people across America, Europe, and Asia.

This program included the development of case studies to allow the attendees to apply the concepts to multilateral development bank projects.

Need help to develop your Procurement framework?

ArcBlue’s experienced team will review, refine and develop your new procurement framework to simplify, reduce risk and ensure your practices reflect a value for money and probity-driven service; Create a better procurement framework to become more customer-centric with your stakeholders.

We assess your policy, processes and templates to understand the current state and identify opportunities to improve procurement compliance. We do this by engaging with diverse stakeholder groups at all levels before designing and developing process flows, documentation, templates and user guidance to ensure an improved user experience.

We also provide training and implementation services to support the implementation of the new framework – including leadership, change management expertise and hands-on implementation and guidance material.

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