Gap Analysis Study against ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Standard

The client needed to demonstrate to the stakeholders, internal and external, that it takes a proactive and informed strategic approach to its business operations and its impacts, both now and in the future.

ArcBlue was tasked to perform a gap analysis. By acting in an increasingly sustainable way of carrying out its procurement
activities, the client will be in a better position to secure its future by maintaining its social license to operate.


Key findings from this gap analysis exercise:

  • A Sustainable Procurement Strategy informed by a materiality assessment of procurement categories is needed to guide the client’s priorities and practice;
  • There is a need to strengthen further the capability of the procurement team and key stakeholders to support sustainable procurement initiatives;
  • Key sustainability considerations are not fully integrated into the end-to-end procurement process: plan, source & manage;
  • Supplier engagement and participation are inconsistent and rely in part on voluntary Supplier Sustainability Guidelines;
  • Sustainability elements are not fully incorporated into existing procurement-related documents to provide a comprehensive view and guidance to action for the parties concerned.

Need help with your Sustainable Procurement solutions?

ArcBlue’s standardized methodology Sustainable Procurement Maturity Diagnostic assesses the maturity and effectiveness of your Sustainable Procurement policies and practices in the context of sustainability throughout your end-to-end procurement process (aligned to ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Standard) to identify gaps to be addressed.

It is integrated into our standard Procurement Diagnostic as the “eighth dimension” within our 9 Dimensions of Procurement Excellence model or can be delivered independently.

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