Diagnostic focusing on Probity and Practice case study

Background: This Australian state government infrastructure organisation was looking for a procurement transformation to address the areas of probity and practice.


Service: Advisory & Change – Diagnostics


The organisation sought ArcBlue to improve:

  • Consistencies in the existing documentation and organisation processes;
  • Management of panels; and
  • Consistency in applying process.

ArcBlue undertook a full comprehensive approach:

  • Complete review and development of documentation for all aspects of the procurement process using the ArcBlue Diagnostics methodology;
  • Involved in the introduction of a new contract suite for standardised contracts;
  • Involved in the introduction and implementation of a new e-quoting software;
  • Development and delivery of training for over 200 staff in the new procurement practices;
  • Contributed to the establishment of a new procurement governance model; and
  • Established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the procurement transformation program.

ArcBlue developed a wide suite of tools and documentation including:

  • User manuals;
  • Operational manuals;
  • Comprehensive flow charts;
  • Intranet site; and
  • Detailed documentation and templates for each procurement type.


After performing a reassessment of the organisation’s procurement maturity there were significant improvements in the Diagnostic results compared to the benchmark.

We established that the implementation program was highly successful.

  • The new software is being widely used throughout the organisation;
  • Providing simple access to whole of government panels by both whole of government pre-qualified suppliers and their panels;
  • Procurement practices across the organisation were completely transformed in terms of consistency; and
  • Procurement practices were now of higher quality and transparency and achieved greater probity.